Pokemon Go Adds Gen 8 - But Fans Are 'Too Angry' To Play

Pokemon Go Adds Gen 8 - But Fans Are 'Too Angry' To Play
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4th Aug 2021 11:05

Pokemon Go players are angrier than Jigglypuff when we take a nap, as this year's Ultra Unlock event has them throwing their phones at the wall. While Niantic's Pocket Monster pocket adventure kept us busy during lockdown, the troubled title is now being plagued by problems from all sides and a #boycottpokemongo movement gathers steam.

First released in 2016, this augmented reality phenomenon brought the wacky world of Pokemon into our lives and set the ball rolling for franchises like Harry Potter and The Walking Dead to try and cash in on similar ideas.

As the OG, Pokemon Go has made a not-so-small fortune and had a record-breaking year of 916 million in 2020. 2021 is a similar story, and although Pokemon Go has plans to add some Gen 8 favourites, it could be about to take a hit in the pocket (monster).

Why are Pokemon Go players too angry to play Gen 8?

There are two main reasons Pokemon Go players are putting down their phones and taking to Twitter to vent their rage at Niantic. Posting on Twitter, Niantic confirmed Galar Region Pokemon from Sword and Shield will be joining the party for the Ultra Unlock Event Part 3.

A glossy trailer showed off the latest additions, but with Niantic dialling back its COVID-19 distancing measures, it means you'll actually have to leave your homes to play Pokemon Go again.

With the global pandemic tearing through the world, Niantic rewarded loyal players with reduced distances, higher spawn rates, more PokeStops, and gift bonuses. As things slowly return to normal, the developer is removing these measures and encouraging you to get back on your feet. The problem is, not everyone wants to. 

One outraged player shared a poster for "Pokemon NO Day" and wrote, "Try to swindle us back to get nerfed catch rates on these new mons like every new Gen release. You guys fooled us long enough. We've had enough of these FOMO nonsense".

Another disgruntled former fan added, "Ah yes, new Pokémon to distract us from the fact that 96% of your player base is ready to boycott your company! What great marketing tactics!!"

A third concluded, "So you finally posted a tweet? I and many others are angry with you for removing the 2x spin distance and incense, and I was hoping you could communicate with us. You ignored three petitions, and you chose not listen. All I have to say is #NianticShameOnYou."

Why else do Pokemon Go players hate the Gen 8 release?

If battling boycotters who want coronavirus measure reinstated wasn't enough, others have called out Niantic for skipping over the Aloha Region. The first two parts of the Ultra Unlock Event focussed on Gen 5 Pokemon, but instead of Part 2 being centred on Gen 6 and Part 3 finally introducing Gen 7, Niantic has skipped a few.

Although Alohan forms of some Pokemon have appeared in Pokemon Go, we're still waiting for a full release of Gen 7. Things are even more confusing when you remember the Aloha starters were featured in Pokemon Go's fifth-anniversary artwork. Instead of Gen 8 mascots Zacian and Zamazenta, there are calls for Aloha to get the recognition it deserves.

Questioning where the likes of Rowlet, Litten, Popplio are, someone said, "Why would you release Pokemon from the Galar Region before releasing the pokemon from the Alola region? What you are doing makes no sense!" Another fumed, "This is definitely a WTF moment from Niantic. We still don't even have Kecleon in the game yet. Niantic is just throwing darts on a dartboard and releasing whatever they think."

Either way, things are hotting up like a Centiscorch in Pokemon Go right now. In a time thousands of players are threatening to boycott the mobile title, there are calls for more community management. Mainly, there are grumbles that an event and some new Pokemon are a mistimed read of the room instead of addressing player concerns. 


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