Fan-Made Pokemon Trailer 'Fixes' Diamond And Pearl Remake

Fan-Made Pokemon Trailer 'Fixes' Diamond And Pearl Remake

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Tom Chapman


14th Mar 2021 20:31

As we get ready to catch 'em all once again, the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes continue to divide Pokefandom. While the announcement of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were a not-so-surprising reveal at the big Pokemon anniversary event, they're set to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary in style. Even though they're the same games at their core, it's clear ILCA is moving with the times to offer up something new with the remasters.

Although there are plenty of us who can't wait to jump back into the Sinnoh Region, others have complained about the trailer's new look. Others have panned the remastered games and argued they looked better back in 2006. We may have kept the standard top-down look that Pokemon games are usually synonymous with, however, not everyone is convinced by the chibi-3D art style. Thankfully, Millenniumloops is here to fix that.


How has someone fixed the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl trailers?

Also sharing their work on Twitter, Milleniumloops explained, "So here it is, after watching the official remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl I spent the week doing this and reimagine the trailer to how I would have wanted them to be. This is not an actual game. This is a game concept". Using some assets from the games and some of their own creations, the artist turned the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl trailer into a piece of beauty that's closer in style to the Sword and Shield.

Others have noted that the fan-made Diamond and Pearl trailer looks like a homage to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or the upcoming release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. With Genshin Impact's signature style being all the rage - and Arceus seemingly taking a leaf out of this book - it's baffling that Game Freak didn't try and unify the titles. Then again, it's important to remember ILCA is handling development on the Diamond and Pearl remakes, while Game Freak is on Arceus.

In the "fixed" trailer, it includes a vibrant scene of trainers picking their starter Pokemon, as well as the much-loved feature of following Pokemon that was introduced with Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. We battle Sinnoh's Cynthia in a brief glimpse of Mega Evolution. Finally, there's an Arceus-inspired encounter with Legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia. Millenniumloops went on to explain they'd hoped the remakes would be more like their vision rather than a simple recreation, They argued that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are more remasters than remakes. 

Even if they don't exist, players can't enough of the remake trailers. One fan wrote, "It hurts getting hyped for this and then realizing it's not an official game…", while another gushed, "Bruh this is a video and not actual gameplay and this is only a concept if a guy is able to make a video and concept like this in a single week imagine what the biggest franchise could create if they would put a little more effort into their work".

Alongside Arceus and a new Pokemon Snap, it sadly looks like the release of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have been marred by subpar graphics. Millenniumloops' bio says their dream is to work for Game Freak, and if the trailer is anything to go by, we say give them a job - right now.


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Images via ILCA | YouTube Millenniumloops

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