Pokemon BDSP Glitches Makes Them Easier To Speedrun

Pokemon BDSP Glitches Makes Them Easier To Speedrun
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Joseph Kime


29th Nov 2021 15:36

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have had a tumultuous life cycle so far, to say the least. The revelation that the games may not launch with all of their music - and middling critical reception - has turned away a lot of players before the game even launched.

Pokemon BDSP isn't quite what a lot of fans were hoping for, and for those who were especially sceptical as a result of the game's controversial chibi style, it's been a big disappointment that breaches Pokemon's solid remake track record.

And, as the games have launched, some are beginning to point out some frustrating glitches that are impeding on a lot of the game's enjoyment. But, the latest Pokemon BDSP glitches themselves are actually a credit to the game for some.

Pokemon BDSP Glitches: How Are They Making Speedruns Faster

One speedrunner has discovered that the remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are actually faster to speedrun than the original games by a wide margin, and it's all thanks to new Pokemon BDSp glitches that have cropped up in the remake's production.

Speedrunner Werster has managed to beat the game in a meagre 33 minutes and 10 seconds - a 25-minute reduction of the original record. It's impressive alone, but it's actually down to some new glitches that they're able to achieve the new record.

Werster has shared a screenshot of their timings on Twitter - proving the run with a link to the full stream. "Sub 35 minute BD/SP any% speedrun!" they share. "I said this route would bottom out at about 33… that was pretty accurate."

Fans React To Glitchy Sub-35 Minute Speedrun

Fans have reacted to the massive achievement in speedrunning in the video comments on YouTube, incredibly impressed by the feat.

One commenter says, "Only when the game is broken wide open can the Grass starter finally be worth choosing in a Pokemon speedrun," in an act of Turtwig slander that we simply cannot sanction.

"Just a few more discoveries and sub 30 is in reach!" earnestly says another. It's true - we could well be watching speedrunning history in the making, and the glitches that are bound to yet pop up could make the speedruns of the remakes even easier yet.

It's a shame that the glitches exist at all - but at least the speedrunning community have put them to good use. And who knows - we might even get that sub-30 yet.


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