The upcoming Riot Games FPS is closer to Counter-Strike than it is to Overwatch, but it borrows elements from both titles.

21:00, 12 Feb 2020

Riot Games has started to leak information about its upcoming first-person shooter title, Project A, inviting British Counter-Strike caster and former pro, Henry “HenryG” Greer to spend a day playing the game, at Riot’s European headquarters in Dublin. After trying out Project A, HenryG tweeted out a wealth of information about the new game - with the tacit approval of higher-ups at Riot.

The esports scene caught its first whiff of Project A last fall, when Riot Games created a sparse page on its website, featuring limited information and a video about the title. Early reports indicated that the game would fall somewhere between Overwatch and Counter-Strike on the FPS spectrum, with a tactical focus and a roster of characters that boast unique skills similar to those of Overwatch heroes.

HenryG confirmed these reports, stating that the game falls a bit closer to CS:GO than it does to Overwatch. However, the caster—who also playtested CS:GO in 2011—was quick to say that this comparison was “twitter surface level.” Project A is clearly a unique title in its own right.

HenryG’s feedback was largely positive, with the former CS pro describing Project A gameplay as “super slick.” “There’s nothing more satisfying [than] dropping a successful combo of movement mechanics abilities that isolates your opponent to buy space before pulling the trigger on the killing blow,” wrote HenryG in another tweet.

Project A appears to have been designed as a ‘Counter-Strike killer,’ with many elements that would be familiar to CS:GO professionals, looking to make the switch to a Riot-supported title. “All classes have access to the same generic weaponry via an economy CS:GO fans wouldn't find too difficult to adjust to,” wrote HenryG.

The impending release of Project A is an additional complication for a Counter-Strike scene that is already in flux. With the announcement of Flashpoint, a new team-owned Counter-Strike league, last week, the scene has been split down the middle between fans of Flashpoint, and loyal devotees of ESL. If Project A is truly geared towards Counter-Strike players, its release could further divide the Counter-Strike community, particularly if Riot is planning to set up a franchised Project A league similar to the League of Legends Championship Series or League of Legends European Championship.

We still don’t have much logistical information about Project A. The game’s release date, price, and esports potential remain shrouded in mystery. But with the game’s official Riot Games website inviting fans to follow Riot on Twitter “to be the first to hear new information in 2020,” it’s fair to say that HenryG’s disclosures are only the beginning. As for the price, it’s quite possible that Riot will take the same tack that it did with League of Legends and release Project A as a free-to-play title.

But whether Project A is freeware or payware, it’s clear that fans of both Counter-Strike and Overwatch have a lot to look forward to with the development of a Riot-powered first-person shooter. 

Image via Riot Games

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