Majority Of PlayStation Users Have Booked Off PS5 Launch Day, Survey Claims

Majority Of PlayStation Users Have Booked Off PS5 Launch Day, Survey Claims

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Tom Chapman


11th Nov 2020 11:43

While most of us have plenty of leftover holiday days this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic grounding our holidays, it turns out some people have been using this to their advantage and booking days off work to play the PlayStation 5. As Sony and Microsoft prepare to duke it out with the battle of the next-gen consoles, gamers are in for a treat as the PS5 and Xbox Series X go head-to-head. 

The Xbox Series X is fresh off the starting blocks, with the PS5 hot on its heels. The PS5 is due out on November 12 in most regions and November 19 in the United Kingdom. With the big day(s) in sight, we've been booking the day off in droves. Whether it's putting the rotting corpses of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's zombies in your crosshairs or leaping across the New York City skyline as a wall-crawling hero for Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, there are plenty of games we can't wait to get to grips with. 


Posting on Reddit, a survey asked how many of us had booked the day off work or were planning on ditching their desk in favour of booting up the PS5. Others have opted to book the Friday off work and will presumably have a long weekend of gaming glory. Then again, others are simply waiting for the weekend. What, is two days not long enough for you? 

According to the stats, 66% of gamers have planned at least one day off to play the PS5, 31% said they aren't fussed, while a naughty 2% are planning on phoning in sick. It's not just taking the day off to play your shiny new PS5 though. A valid point is the idea of taking the day off to make sure you're at home when your new console arrives. Imagine spending nearly £500 on a PS5, only to have it left on the doorstep and being stolen by an unscrupulous neighbour. Yeah, that's not what I really want to spend my money.

Booking a day off work or calling in sick is a risky move though. Demand for next-gen consoles has been massive. This led to PS5 pre-orders selling out in a matter of hours and retailers struggling to keep up with demand ever since. Some lucky Xbox Series X owners got their consoles early, however, others have been hit with delays and had them delivered later than expected. 

Things are even worse with the PS5 as there are rumours Sony is also facing delays when it comes to delivering the console on time. Elsewhere, there are claims PS5 orders are even being cancelled at the last minute, meaning you aren't necessarily guaranteed to get your console. If you've booked a day off work and don't get your PS5, at least you can put your feet up and enjoy the day off.

Given that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has most of us working from home anyway, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. The honest among you could spend your lunch break jumping into a quick round of CoD Zombies, or if you're really sneaky, pretend you're in meetings all day and shoot the living hell out of the undead. We obviously don't condone this kind of behaviour, but with the PS5 just around the corner, expect the console to be all anyone's talking about for a while.


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