PlayStation Showcase Secretly Teased Resident Evil 4 Remake

PlayStation Showcase Secretly Teased Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Tom Chapman


14th Sep 2021 17:22

Evil has found a new era, as Capcom could finally be shuffling closer to its next chapter of Resident Evil. No, we aren't talking about the inevitable Resident Evil 9, but the long-rumoured Resident Evil 4 remake. The horror house has yet to officially announce a next-gen remaster, but it turns out we've missed a major clue hiding in plain sight.

Fans were disappointed that RE4 was getting a revamp for Facebook's Oculus 2, which wasn't quite the announcement we'd been expecting. Following in the footsteps of 2019's Resident Evil 2 remake and last year's Resident Evil 3: NemesisResident Evil 4 is theoretically next in line - if you don't count Code: Veronica

Is a Resident Evil 4 remake coming?

While all the various rumours have come to nothing, the RE4 remake could be sneakier than Ada Wong herself. The recent PlayStation 5 showcase was packed with announcements for the likes of God of War: Ragnarok, Insomniac's Spider-Man 2, and Wolverine game, but the Play Has No Limits video teased a whole lot more.

The live-action trailer featured warring sides in an epic game of chess. If you looked close enough, there were nods to a possible Sly Cooper return, however, there's also the Las Plagas insignia lurking in the shadows. Way back when Resident Evil 4 first hit the GameCube in 2005, we were introduced to the Las Plagas-infected town in rural Spain and the parasite that turned villagers into mindless zombies.

When will we know more about a Resident Evil 4 remake?

News of a remake isn't exactly new, with the idea of the remake doing the rounds long before that massive Capcom leak spoiled the surprise. Considering Capcom's E3 presentation was held as a bit of a letdown, it seems odd the developer wouldn't have announced the remake here. It's been several months since then, and with still no sign from above, some of us had given up hope. 

More recently, the huge Nvidia leak also tipped the Resident Evil 4 remake as one in the pipeline. Nvidia has since tried to distance itself from the leak, but if it's legitimate, it could be one of the biggest gaming leaks of all time. Either way, we're completely sold on the idea of a RE4 remake.

VGC claims the remake has been in active development since 2018, however, a change of developer means Osaka-based M-Two has had its role reduced and the mainline Capcom Division 1 has taken over as lead dev. Couple this with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic upending the industry, and it might explain why Capcom has been a little hush-hush on RE4's return.

Now, it's surely only a matter of time before Leon heads off to save the President's daughter? 


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