Sony Has Sold Over 10 Million PlayStation 5 Consoles

Sony Has Sold Over 10 Million PlayStation 5 Consoles
Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Tom Chapman


29th Jul 2021 13:13

It's another one ticked off the bucket list, as Sony has officially sold over 10 million PlayStation 5 consoles. We already knew Sony's next-gen superstar was massively outselling the Xbox Series X/S, but now, we're celebrating a milestone moment.

Sony is a massive deal in the gaming world, and while the likes of Atari and SEGA have petered out, Sony remains part of the big three alongside Nintendo and Microsoft.

Following the release of the original PlayStation in 1995, Sony has continued to deliver best-selling consoles and has the honour of having the best-selling console of all time thanks to the PlayStation 2. But, is the PlayStation 5 hot on its ancestor's heels?

How has the PlayStation 5 sold over 10 million consoles?

According to an official Sony announcement, the PlayStation 5 hit 10 million consoles sold on July 18. Not only shifting a gargantuan number of units, the PlayStation 5 is now the fastest-selling console in the history of video games. Crunching the numbers, the PS5 sold 10 million consoles in just 249 days since launch. The PlayStation 4 hit the same milestone after 271 days in 2014. ,

There's no escaping the golden touch that Sony seems to have. Although the PlayStation 3 was something of a slump, it took the record-breaking PS2 well over a year to sell 10 million consoles.

Discussing this momentous occasion, Veronica Rogers, SVP, Global Sales and Business Operations said, "We are incredibly grateful to our fans for the terrific reception of PS5 and our growing portfolio of gaming entertainment. Without your support and confidence, this early success would not have been possible.

"We are making steady progress with available global supply and can’t wait for the day when everyone who wants a PS5 can easily get one". Rogers' words are a not-so-subtle jibe at the unavailability of the PlayStation 5 since its launch last November.

It was only on June 22 that we reported the PS5 had sold over 9 million consoles, and although we're still waiting for a proposed redesigned version to deal with component shortages, the upward trajectory of PS5  console sales is leaving its biggest rival in the dust.

Will the PlayStation 5 continue to sell?

On the other side of the fence, Microsoft is being cagey with its own sales figures for the Xbox Series X/S. Although we don't know how many units have been sold, Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella called the Series X and Series S "our fastest-selling consoles ever" in an investor's call.

Late last month, it was estimated the Series X/S had sold 6.5 million units, meaning that Sony appears to be extending its lead - if everything is to be believed. In Sony's post, Rogers hyped the future of the PS5 and drew attention to upcoming releases like the return of Aloy for Horizon Forbidden West, Kratos swinging his axe for the delayed God of War: Ragnarok, and Arkane Studios' bloody and violent Deatloop. Added to this, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has promised even more PlayStation exclusives are on the way.

Importantly, this is just the start of a long journey for the PS5. Assuming it follows in the footsteps of the PS4, its lifespan will be at least eight years (and just about counting). Looking at the previous cycle, players can also expect several revamped models and a possible PS5 Slim to deal with that Wi-Fi router-inspired design. Either way, sales are destined to keep soaring as we clamber over each other to get our hands on a PS5.


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