Is the VALORANT green orb glitch actually Riot Games' first tease of Agent 13?

14:08, 15 Sep 2020

VALORANT players think they've found the game's next Agent hiding in plain sight. Following the recent drop of Killjoy as the twelfth Agent, fans are obviously looking at who is coming next and the reveal of (un)lucky No. 13. Riot Games has confirmed Act 2 will round off on October 13, meaning we're on tenterhooks about Act 3's potential release in the immediate aftermath. With a whole new act to sink our teeth into, everyone's also expecting another Agent to kick things off in style.

A green orb has started popping up in the game and rightly has fans puzzled. More than just a glitch that's slipped through the net, some think the way the orb behaves is a hint at something larger and the potential origin of Agent 13.


Strange Green Glowing Orb I Found in a Game of Spike Rush on Split from r/VALORANT

Posting on Reddit u/unofficialchicken shared footage of the orb and turned to the rest of the VALORANT community to ask for its input. Although some speculated that its color could have something to do with an enemy team having Sage, it was quickly debunked. Everyone was stumped as u/unofficialchicken asked, "Yo what is this? Guys come to A, come to A. What the...". It wasn't long before the orb vanished - leaving us all in the dark.

One redditor wrote, "Riot is known for making champion teasers for League. Usually they appear before the game 'begins' to not disrupt it later. It could be one of those". Another chimed in, "I was thinking the same because Killjoys cardboard cutout was in a store too on split before she was announced! Maybe we'll have another orb-based hero? I'm curious!". Riot is the master of mystery when it comes to queuing up new characters in the likes of League of Legends and VALORANT, but are we looking into this a little too much?

The Way Forward Banner from r/VALORANT

Way before Killjoy's release, the Act 1 Battlepass included the "Vertraulich" banner when Tier 48 was reached. Added to this, her silhouette appeared in Split's sneaker store to tease her eventual arrival. Looking closer at Act 2, the Battlepass has a banner called "The Way Forward" at Tier 48. The most logical suggestion that Agent 13 will be another orb-based character.

With a full month of Act 2 still left, it makes sense that Riot is playing its cards close to its chest with even a tiny tease of Agent 13. We're still getting to grips with Killjoy, and it would be a shame to take the shine off her by announcing her successor so far ahead of time. For the time being, we'll have to keep an eye on these floating orbs and see if anything else changes.


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Images via Riot Games

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