Players Think Halo Infinite's Cat Ears Are Just 'Purrfect'

Players Think Halo Infinite's Cat Ears Are Just 'Purrfect'
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Joseph Kime


23rd Dec 2021 10:21

Halo Infinite's multiplayer has been great fun, but it has come with some undeniable caveats. Although the mode is a treat for a lot of players, the gripes of fans haven't been sourced from its gameplay, but rather, the functions of the game outside of lobbies.

XP was a big problem to start with in Halo Infinite, with players not levelling up nearly quick enough for the game to feel satisfying. Following that, others had plenty of complaints about the sheer and extortionate prices of inherently limited cosmetic items in the in-game shop.

While the price problems aren't quite remedied just yet, there's every chance that they could be forgotten - because the best in-game cosmetic has just been added to the game.

Why Has Halo Infinite Added Cat Ears?


The in-game store of Halo Infinite has introduced the 'Cat Lovers' bundle, which includes a cat ears attachment for the Mark VII Spartan helmet, a Tabby Cat weapon charm, a pink armour coating, and a Kat helmet weapon charm. And judging by the number of cat ears already out in the wild in multiplayer lobbies, it's selling like hotcakes.

Fans are already surprised by how many cat ears are appearing in-game, and it looks like despite the game's problems with how expensive cosmetics have been, players have forgotten all about it with the release of this new feline bundle.

Fans React To Halo Infinite's New Cat Army

Players wearing cat ears have now dominated Halo Infinite in a very short time, and fans are… in two minds about it.

"I have come into [sic] terms that this is the future of gaming", says one commenter. "I've spent less time being mad about nonsense and just enjoying the game with friends." Cute.

Naturally, some don't like it when others have fun - and use the arrival of the cat cosmetics to complain about the wider game. "I'm not surprised they have goofy s**t like this", another commenter says. "I am surprised there was no gradual progression into it. Less than a month into the game's life and we're just going full tilt into the off brand s**t."

We should have expected that Reddit would find a way to be upset about in-game cat ears, but we're still somehow surprised. Either way, the complainers have been proven a vocal minority here, what with all the cat ears already in rotation. The cat-Spartans are here - get over it, nerds!



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