Players Convinced Capcom Is Teasing A Resident Evil 4 Remake

Players Convinced Capcom Is Teasing A Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Tom Chapman


23rd Aug 2021 13:42

We imagine Ramon Salazar is doing a merry jig somewhere because it looks like Capcom is finally teasing an official remake of Resident Evil 4. Since the zombie shooter shuffled free from the confines of Racoon City in 2005, the former GameCube exclusive has continued to cement itself as (probably) the best in the series.

Resident Evil 4 not only paved the way for the future of the franchise, but is also remembered for popularising the third-person over the shoulder. These days, everything from Fortnite to The Last of Us has adopted these mechanics, meaning Resident Evil 4 is more than just a survival sequel. 

Only recently, we've felt the looming presence of RE4 in Capcom's Resident Evil Village. The gothic backdrop is a clear homage to RE4, and way back when, we actually thought it would be a full-blown sequel. Sadly, Resident Evil 4 has so far been lost to the '00s and its various ports, while we wait patiently for a next-gen remake.  

Is Capcom teasing a Resident Evil 4 remake?

Capcom has been celebrating recent success by remastering the old Resi games while also dishing up new entries. Things started with a glossy remake of Resident Evil 2 in 2019, followed by Resident Evil 3: Nemesis last year. Although some hoped Code: Veronica would be next, the mainline addition of Resident Evil 4 is a much easier sell.

We've been speculating about a RE4 remake for months, and while the game was supposedly leaked during that massive Capcom data breach, the developer is yet to make it official. Posting on Twitter, Capcom lit the funeral pyre that Resident Evil 4 is on the way thanks to a cryptic tweet that included the number four alongside the words "itchy" and "tasty". 

Unless Capcom is planning an Itchy and Scratchy game for a Simpsons spinoff, we hope this is finally confirmation Leon S. Kennedy is back off to rural Spain to battle the Las Plagas outbreak. Players also boarded the hype train, with one saying, Wait why am I starting to get hype?? I should be getting hype. RIGHT!?" Another added, "All I want is an RE4 remake". 

Either way, it sounds like Capcom is playing the long con and isn't willing to reveal what's going on just yet. One fan concluded, "RE series is known for 4 lol from puzzles to re4 let the theories begin". 

Is a Resident Evil 4 remake on the way?

Not everyone was convinced. As one sceptic mused, "Sorry to burst your bubble but I made this tweet and it's literally just for fun, engagement and memes. This is just in reference to a diary found in RE1". It's true that the mention of itchy and tasty is a direct nod to the OG Resident Evil, but that doesn't mean there isn't a double meaning to the tweet.

There was also a surprising amount of love for Code: Veronica. Although the often-forgotten Sega Dreamcast title is sometimes lost in the shuffle, Code: Veronica is an important piece of the puzzle for Chris and Claire Redfield. Others have suggested Village could have four DLCs, while most point to next week's Gamescom for answers.

It's only a matter of time before Capcom officially unveils a Resident Evil 4 remake, but the question is, is this an official tease or is the developer about to become more hated than Albert Wesker himself?


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