Players Are Obsessed That Garlic Bread Is Skyrim's Most Powerful Food

Players Are Obsessed That Garlic Bread Is Skyrim's Most Powerful Food

Written by 

Mel Ramsay


3rd Sep 2021 12:46

Fans of Bethesda's absolute classic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, are obsessing over the fact that the game's most powerful food is none other than the gift from the gods itself, garlic bread. 

Now, this is where art imitates life (rather than the other way around), as garlic bread is absolutely magical in our timeline too. Whether it's cheesy, or got a bit of caramelised onion on it, and everything in between - that sh*t's fire. 

Fans are obsessing over the fact that garlic bread appears to have magical powers in Skyrim, reports GAMINGbible.  

On the Reddit thread r/skyrim, user Senpaineapple shared a screenshot of the game, captioning it: "Garlic bread curing all diseases will forever be my favourite mini detail in Skyrim."

What Powers Does Garlic Bread Have In Skyrim?

Garlic bread, which requires three garlic, one butter, and five bread (which, side note, is a fantastic bread/butter/garlic ratio), gives the player one point of health, cures ALL diseases, and restores 220 points of hunger. 

For those fact fans among you, it also weighs 0.1 and has a value of two. Just when you thought fishing was the most important part of Skyrim, in comes garlic bread to rule the roost.

What Are Fans Saying About The All-Powerful Garlic Bread In Skyrim?

The top comment says: "Finally something to cure the Ataxia that Arcadia is always telling me about", top marks for user Your_pal_Fal.

Another user added: "The food in this game is actually really powerful. Vegetable soup gives you stamina regen, but it ignores the small period where your stamina doesn't regen when you run out, so you basically always have stamina. Spamming shield bash whilst eating vegetable soup is a good way to level block or just stun lock everything to death."

A final player had their mind blown, saying: "I just realized that in 5,000 some hours of playing skyrim, I have never created a kitchen in my hearthfire home, and thus have never used an oven in skyrim, and was not even aware of their existence. No idea you could bake different items in addition to cooking."

With 5.7k upvotes at the time of writing, and 134 comments (mainly about how awesome garlic bread is), it's safe to say that people both in and out of Tamriel can really appreciate some good food. Let's hope garlic bread is still the "future" when The Elder Scrolls 6 eventually rolls around.


Mel is GGRecon's former Editor-in-Chief. She was previously a senior journalist at LADbible.

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