Epic Games is being struck by allegations that another pay-to-win Fortnite skin has been introduced in Chapter 2 Season 5.

13:31, 12 Feb 2021

Those Fortnite developers are in trouble again, as fresh allegations claim Epic Games has accidentally introduced another pay-to-win skin to its battle royale favourite. Since the launch of Chapter 2 Season 5 in December last year, we've seen people masquerade as snowmen and lurk in the shadows with black superhero skins, meaning there have been more inadvertent pay-to-win skins than we would've liked. Even as we head into the season's final furlong, it looks like some sneaky players have found a way to make their skins worth a few more V-Bucks. 

It might be a nice idea to imagine your new Predator skin is able to turn invisible without claiming his mythic weapon from Stealthy Stronghold. Imagine a Mandalorian skin that could fire whistling birds, a Mancake that could stick opponents to the spot with syrup, or a Terminator skin that was actually as bulletproof as the T-800. Sadly, that would take Fortnite into the realms of hero shooters like Apex Legends, instead of the straight-up battle royale brawler it's made a name for itself as. 


What is the pay-to-win Fortnite skin?

The whole premise of Fortnite is that you can run around in whichever snazzy skin you want, while still maintaining a level playing field. Getting 1-up on the competition involves a mix of your own skill, finding the right weapons and levelling them up, and using Mythics (if that's your thing). Despite all Fortnite skins being the same basic blueprint thanks to having a universal hitbox, we still see players forking over thousands of V-Bucks just to get the latest must-have addition to the shop.

According to known Fortnite favourite Ali "SypherPK" Hassan, the new Breakpoint skin has an inadvertent perk when used in the right way. Seemingly discovered by korc1e on TikTok, the revelation has been shared by SypherPK. In the video, SkypherPK explains how the Breakpoint emote can be used to an advantage in the new Kit's Cantina locale. The Brkeapoint emote adds a hologram effect, which means players can jump behind the hologram in Kit's Cantina and ambush unsuspecting rivals as they stroll past. 



Can we stop the pay-to-win Fortnite skin?


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Just like any new POI, Kit's Cantina is proving to be a popular new addition to the map. Added to this, the Mando's Bounty LTM is seeing even more of us using Kit's Cantina as a base of operations. This means we're dashing there in our droves and into the path of the Breakpoint pay-to-win Fortnite skin. You might think we're too savvy to fall for the ol' pay-to-win glitch, but as SypherPK's video shows, plenty of players fell victim to the hack. 


Epic Games is normally pretty on it in fixing this kind of issue, so don't expect the strategy to work for much longer. We're guessing it will be a tweak to the Kit's Cantina hologram rather than the Breakpoint emote. For the time being, we suggest you watch your step in the Mando-themed cantina.  Then again, the more people share the secret, the more gamers are aware of the flaw. If you're one of those sneaky scoundrels planning on pulling off the stunt for yourself, watch out because you might've already been exposed. Either way, it looks like another a pay-to-win skin is destined to bite the dust.



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