A new hop-up has been discovered by Apex dataminers.

19:00, 24 Jun 2020

A mysterious new hop-up has been found in the Apex Legends files following the update for the Lost Treasures Collection Event. Hop-ups for guns are attachments that usually offer the user a different fire mode, or increased damage when attached and activated.  

Dataminer Biast12 found code for a new hop-up in the game files named “PAINTBALL”, along with different coloured “fire modes” including purple, green and yellow.

What the hop-up could be used for is still a mystery, as is what guns this could be attached to.  Fans have been keen to voice their ideas on what it could be for, such as a Paintball Limited Time Mode, or perhaps graffiti sprays to use just for fun, such as in Fortnite.

One eagle-eyed player who spotted the hop-up in a recent dev stream described it as being of Common rarity.

Another tweet shows the hop-up referenced in a PVE quest.

The ‘R’ symbol shown on the hop-up icon is also sparking discussion on what the letter could mean. It has also been spotted on various gun skins, and when tweeted to Respawn Entertainment writer Tom Casiello, he replied with this cryptic statement.

Could this be a well-placed Easter egg for rumoured new Legend ‘Rampart’? Several Apex Legends dataminers have been dropping hints about Rampart coming to Apex in Season 6, accompanied by evidentiary code and renders.

The most obvious explanation for the Paintball hop-up is a Limited Time Mode for future release, changing certain (or all) weapons into paintball guns for a fun upcoming event. 

Only time will tell if the Apex Legends will soon be able to face-off against each other in an epic paintball fight.


Images via Respawn Entertainment 

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