Her Repair Pack is causing a major glitch in the game

11:32, 29 Jul 2020

It's another day, another bug, as Blizzard Entertainment is coming under fire for an "unbearable" Overwatch bugThis time, players are vexed that Brigitte is able to grief her allied teammates. 

Sombra streamer "Fitzy" first drew attention to the glitch and explained how the Overwatch bug makes the screen glitch when an ally gets Brigitte's Repair Pack. Annoyingly, the screen glitches out out by the time the ability has worn off. 

The Repair Pack is designed to heal for 110 HP across a two-second period and can even be used when an ally's health is at max. After the two seconds, allies who've used the Repair Pack will appear cancelled if they hold down the mouse button. 

Fitzy said the Repair Pack "visually breaks" every "hold mouse click" ability in Overwatch. Although the abilities still work, it's a serious glitch. As well as affecting Ana’s scope and zoom functions for Widowmaker and Ashe’s guns, arguably the biggest problem is making it look like Reinhardt has dropped his shield. 

When Blizzard uploaded a live Overwatch server patch, developers ran into several issues and quickly pulled it. The patch introduced Genji nerfs and a bug fix for door animations on Route 66 and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Community manager John Nash posted on the Blizzard forums and confirmed the patch had been pulled. Although he didn't give a reason, some think it could be to do with the Brigitte bug. 

Overwatch Bug

Other players thanked Fitzy for finding this Overwatch bug. One wrote, "OHHHHH this is what was causing it? I had this glitch start happening to me dozens of times on ana, but I thought it was just random. Nice to know getting healed by my brig will mess up my aim lol great job blizzard".  


Another added, "WAIT...... is that what that is??? i thought i was needing a new mouse from it not holding down... I was so afraid as a tank main that my shield kept falling down. Thank you kindly for this Fitz". 

It seems Brigitte has been wreaking havoc for a while and she could be the reason for Wrecking Ball players "falling through maps". Now that Blizzard is onto the problem, expect it to be fixed sooner rather than later.


Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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