The meta state is refined - but for how long?

13:00, 11 Jan 2021

Frequent balance changes have made it challenging to stay up-to-date as to what currently dominates the meta, and while you shouldn’t necessarily always adhere to it, it’s nice to know that you aren’t going to be at a huge disadvantage coming into the team fight.

The Best Overwatch Heroes Tier List is an aggregation of statistics, pro and top tier ladder player opinion, and some eye test, trying to weigh hero strength against one another. For that purpose, heroes are split up into tiers but in no particular order. Furthermore, keep in mind that the Best Overwatch Heroes Tier List doesn’t differentiate between roles while you are forced to pick the role you have queued in with, therefore theoretically creating situations that for example the best support could only be sitting in B tier and would therefore be your best choice in role queue. 

Without further ado, here is the Best Overwatch Heroes Tier List!

Overwatch Heroes Tier List

Overwatch Heroes Tier List - S Tier

S Tier heroes are never a liability and excel into a wide range of compositions. Some of them have synergies with other heroes in this tier that make them an incredible advantage to have in each solo queue game. 

Sigma - Remains busted but the Experimental patch could lower his power levels significantly.

Echo - Incredibly versatile and scales incredibly well with player skill. Generally high impact for DPS.

Wrecking Ball - We got the tech, and now Ball is scary, smashing backlines either by itself or with the help of Tracer.

Ashe - Too few weaknesses, especially in Mercy comps and now that we understand what Bob is good at, her ultimate brings incredible amounts of value frequently.


Baptiste - Immortality Field is still likely the hands-down best ability in the game that isn’t an ultimate. That wouldn’t be such a problem if he didn’t have one of the most comprehensive kits in the game with too few weaknesses.

Overwatch Heroes Tier List - A Tier

A Tier Heroes aren’t a requirement to remain ahead in the metagame, but they will also rarely put you behind. They either bring a lot of self-sufficiency, all-roundedness, or incredibly strong and unique utility. 

Tracer - Incredibly stable, with big outplay potential to diff opponents heavily as well as she was ever able to. Unlikely to fall out of favour any time soon, so a solid main to pick up.


Zenyatta - Practically a DPS with Orb placements retaining its powerful status. Gets hunted by Ball and Tracer but due to current main support meta, remains able to have a fighting chance against them.

Brigitte - The hero in itself still is probably the best support, but the meta current favours Mercy and Zenyatta more, riding on the coattails of other S Tier heroes.

Mercy - Echo’s and Ashe’s companion and lucky charm is a really solid pick in this meta, bringing a lot of value amplification to already strong heroes.

McCree - The vanilla ice cream of Overwatch remains solid and straight forward to play. Behind Ashe probably the best DPS to keep Echo in check. 


Orisa - Orisa still slots in nicely in some double shield compositions and remains ever-so-stable, but also still quite boring.

Torbjörn - Far from being a meme pick that you choose to take the mickey out of your teammates, Torbjörn is legit and not just in a situational way given the range of maps and points he works on.

Soldier:76 - The bloom change to his gun put him in a solid position in which he’s rarely ever a liability but also not a hero that will frequently take over games.

Roadhog - Slowly phasing out but also more than a pick for DPS players that want to skip DPS queue by playing a damage hero in a fatsuit. 

Widowmaker - Scales linearly with the players aim and understanding for positioning and anticipation for her opponent's rotations.

Overwatch Heroes Tier List

Overwatch Heroes Tier List - B Tier

The B Tier is made up of heroes who have some applications but much less frequently than A and S Tier heroes. They probably have some spots in which they are godlike on, and others in which they can work, but generally speaking, they aren’t going to be suitable to be mained when looking for your best output for the average player.

Zarya - Borderline B Tier but still fine to play situationally in some compositions. Not a hero you can run into everything and will likely require you to switch off rather frequently. 


Reaper - Having an eye on the experimental card changes, we might soon be seeing Reaper climb up the ranks. As of right now, he’s just an average performer, especially because Lucio is hurting.


Sombra - Coordinating on ladder is hard, and applying zappy hitscan skills are usually more rewarded on Tracer when it comes to solo queue play. 

Mei - Long gone is the time of Mei dominance, and she is mostly a response hero to what the opponent might throw at you with some regular applications on certain map locations.

Doomfist - Doomfist can still pound, but there is just too much disruption at the higher tiers for him to do his thing. Echo has to commit way less to get equal kill potential, and his usual sidekicks aren’t doing too well either.

Hanzo - Less reliable than other DPS heroes with little extra utility to force him into meta relevance as of right now.

Moira - Heal bot down, but fun stocks are rising. That level of sustain isn’t required in the current meta, and we’re just fine with Zen/Mercy, thank you very much.

Pharah - Fairly decent but only transformative in the right hands. Due to her unique playstyle, she’s harder to pick up, which has implications towards her strength.

Winston - Playable but really outshined by other tank heroes in the current meta. A solid fun pick though.

Genji - You can make Genji work and given the residual skill that many players have built upon the hero, he’s likely to perform better in any given solo queue match than the power level of the hero may suggest.


D.Va - In a similar spot to Winston. Wrecking Ball simply does a lot more once movement obstacles have been overcome through experience.

Ana - Ana still has the outplay potential and does alright against Wreckingball but falls short in most other instances.

Overwatch Heroes Tier List

Overwatch Heroes Tier List - C Tier

There are few viable applications for C Tier heroes in the current meta as they are likely the victims of power creep or the unique features that they bring to the table are currently being kept down as their counters or counter comps enjoy S Tier status.

Reinhardt - Short arms, no cookies. The meta is too agile for Reinhardt to keep up and only heavy tank nerfs of the S Tier heroes will allow for a meta in which Rein may shine again.


Lucio - Frogger but the car won. The beloved support isn’t doing so well and will need some help to become viable again.


Symmetra - Still a niche pick but probably the closest of the C Tier heroes to ascend into B Tier. She has her moments.

Junkrat - There have been only a few times during Overwatch’s lifespan through which Junkrat was a top tier pick, and currently it isn’t one of those moments. 

Bastion - Can be used to clean during a stall but that’s about it.


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