Overwatch Exploit Is Making Torbjorn Turrets Invisible

Overwatch Exploit Is Making Torbjorn Turrets Invisible

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Tom Chapman


10th Aug 2020 08:39

There are some strange goings on in Overwatch as players have uncovered a glitch where Torbjorn turrets are suddenly going invisible. While finding an Overwatch exploit is nothing new, one where you're happily minding your own business, only to be struck down by an invisible turret, is a pretty major one.

Sure, Torbjorn might not be the most conventional pick, but given this new information, you might reconsider your pick of Overwatch's 32 character options. For this one, you'll need two players to work together, and while it can be a bit tricky, we promise it'll be worth it.


The Overwatch exploit was shared on YouTube by Hunu and showed off the handy perk through the use of Torbjorn and Mei. If you get your timing right, throw Torbjorn's turret in the air and have another player hit it with Mei's Cryo-Freeze before it comes tumbling to the ground. Although this won't work on solid ground, it still has it uses.

If you pull off the trick while standing on a breakable guardrail, the two will phase into each other and the turret will vanish. As the video shows, Torbjorn's turret goes invisible but remains fully functional. The only way to find it (attackers and defenders) is to go around breaking every guardrail on the map - which sounds like more effort than it's worth.


Overwatch exploit
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This all sounds well and good, but coordinating two players and getting the timing right of hitting Torbjorn's turret with Mei's Cryo-Freeze isn't exactly the easiest thing to do in the middle of a match. Torbjorn's turret going invisible could be a game-changing addition to any match and help you secure victory, however, it depends if you can really be bothered going to all that effort.

As with all these things, the more the Overwatch exploit is used, the more likely it is to be stopped. Although it appears to still be active in-game, expect those Blizzard developers to be on it pretty quick. Either way, we're seeing the bearded brute in a whole different light.

Images via Blizzard Entertainment | Hunu YouTube

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