The culinary range is expectedly diverse!

00:31, 25 Jan 2021

Genji's Dragon Blade roll, Sombra's EMPandas, Tracer's Pulse Bomb Bangers and more - did you know there was an Overwatch cookbook? Written by the author of the official Game of Thrones, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, and Star Wars cookbook, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel the cookbook is expectedly diverse in its culinary range, taking the spirit, heritage, and story of the heroes of Overwatch into account. However, if you think that there's just one for each hero you're thoroughly mistaken as the book is a culinary tome over a hundred recipes thick.

Due to its international nature, the instructions challenge you to explore your local markets for non-regional ingredients, exploring new things to extend your cooking knowledge with. More than just regular dishes, the book also explores various types of drinks and desserts with fresh ideas to extend your palate's range with. Take for instance the "Biscochitos" inspired by too cool for school cowboy McCree who laid off the colt and exchanged it briefly for oven mittens to bake these traditional cookies.

Overwatch Cookbook 1jpg

Not sweet or exotic enough? No problem! What about Til Ko Laddu Sesame Sweets on these Sesame Streets? Inspired by Zenyatta and their knowledge that love is located in the stomach, his group of monks knew how to get the hangry out of their fleshy brethren. Bonus points for not taking too much time at all to fix this up. However, with that amount of sugar, too many of these may sew your clothes tighter while you're asleep and find you not fitting in as easily.

Overwatch Cookbook 2jpg

Not sugar crushing yet? The "Radioactive" Lemon-Lime Soda Float derived from the scraps of Junkertown should finish off every sweet tooth left in the race. The special something is added by using Angostura bitters which you might otherwise only know from putting them in your whisky, gin, or for baking shenanigans.

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We apologise that we only found about this now because it surely would've been a great Christmas present for some of your fellow gamers. The book is available on Amazon for under £20, and it's definitely worth shelving for that one friend's next birthday though. Remember, the world always needs more heroes!

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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