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17:28, 19 Mar 2021

Whether you believe that loot boxes should be in gaming or not, there is no denying that there is an essence of excitement when it comes to tearing the lid off and hoping for a rare item. With anticipation dwelling in a gambling-like manner, loot boxes can be a lottery reaping great rewards or pennies flushed down the toilet depending on just how far the leprechaun is on his luck 'o the Irish four-leaf clover hunt.

However, receiving a blank cheque in a loot box is a major kick in the cojones, especially when unlocking an item named "vanishing act". The irony may be enough to drive a player to madness. 

One Overwatch player faced this exact fate. After opening loot box, Reddit user "MonkeyManner21" was met with the tainting blank screen glitch where their "Vanishing Act" Highlight Intro failed to appear.

My lootbox opened to a blank screen and I got a fitting highlight intro from r/Overwatch

Luckily for the player, the item still appeared in the menus after exiting the showcase, however, it certainly takes the shine away from the grand reveal that can be exhilarating. 

Many other players seem to also be faced with the same problem. One user commented to say "All of mine have been like that since the last patch" before inferring that at least there is some peace of mind that others are in the same boat by adding "My pc has been dying the past few months so I thought this was just another by-product of that lol. Seems I'm not the only one who has this."


Others also commented saying that it seems to be a result of the latest patch, stating "Mine has been doing that too ever since the Pachimari patch."

Whilst the developers have most of their eyes pointed on the creation of Overwatch 2, many players have encountered a variety of bugs, and even professional matches have fell victim to unfortunate Brigitte self-elimination bugs.

With hope, the devs will soon cast a fearful eye over the current state of Overwatch and send out a mass fix. Although, we won't hold our breath. 



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Image via Activision Blizzard | Reddit u/MonkeyManner21

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