Who needs teammates? They all suck anyway.

14:05, 16 Apr 2021

Overwatch, just like many other FPS shooters, heavily relies on coordination and teamwork to swarm objectives and overpower opponents. With an array of abilities that complement other heroes on the team, selecting the right line up and builds makes for intriguing encounters and fierce battles, especially when a game comes down to the boiling point.

But what do you do when four of your teammates are eliminated and you're the last man/woman standing?

Retreat? Wait for back up? Try and get a pick to delay any form of objective progression? Or simply throw caution to the wind and activate beast mode?

For Reddit user Blackbyrne501, the latter method proved to be the remedy for success, as they managed to clutch up a huge 1v5 after their teammates had fallen.

Controlling Reaper, the user doubled down and launched a one-in-a-million assault onto their opponents' team who stacked on the B site on Busan. 


With 99% of the game wrapped up the enemies favour, Reaper used wraith form to sneak up on the team, stunning all five players and begun drawing blows onto each of the heroes. After picking up some quick kills, the Reddit user initiated Reapers ultimate, Death Blossom, which, alongside a lot of lifesteal, allowed for the player to pick up all five kills out of nowhere.

Braindead Strat Works - 1 v 5 from r/Overwatch

Self-branding the clip as "braindead" the user's strat ended up clutching the closest of games, resulting in the clip going viral with a huge wealth of support.

The clip's commentary from D.Va makes the kills much more entertaining too, wailing "oh" after every elimination until a near climatic exert of emotion.


Whilst the clip hasn't landed Blackbyrne501 on an OWL roster as the season kicks off, its still one of the most incredible plays ever made on Activision Blizzard's futuristic title.

All in all, I guess they just had a better gaming chair.



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Image via Activision Blizzard

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