Blizzard might've just revealed the Overwatch 2 release window through the confirmation of the Overwatch League Season 4 dates.

14:10, 24 Nov 2020

While we're still in the dark about when we'll get to play Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment has teased the game's eventual arrival with the release date for the Overwatch League Season 4. Despite Overwatch having an unprecedented run to the top, and still having a loyal following, the announcement of Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2019 was easily the event's biggest announcement. Things have been quiet on the Overwatch 2 front, with the only real information being that it will be VERY different to its predecessor.

We're on tenterhooks when it comes to a potential Overwatch 2 release date, meaning even the slightest piece of information has fandom going into overdrive. Although Blizzard is still yet to confirm exactly when we'll be able to play the next chapter of the multiplayer shooter, there's some convenient timing from OWL Season 4. Many are expecting a 2021 launch following a beta testing phase, with Overwatch League Vice President Jon Spector now adding fuel to the fire.


What is the Overwatch 2 release window?

Speaking in a YouTube video, Spector discussed the success of OWL since its introduction in 2017. Expanding on the League's future, Spector said Season 4 will kick-off in spring 2021. This is later than the usual February start, and while Spector said it's to do with the ongoing global pandemic, others think there's an entirely different reason. Spector said, "Our 2021 season will start in the spring. That gives us a little more time to plan versus when we typically started in February. It gives us and the teams a little bit more of an opportunity to deal with all the logistics and be ready to hit 2021 running when the season begins".

Taking their theories online, some think the delayed OWL date points to Overwatch 2 coming out at the very start of 2021. If this is the case, a later start would allow pro players just long enough to get to grips with Overwatch 2 before jumping into OWL Season 4.



When will we know the Overwatch 2 release window?

Putting everything together, BlizzCon 2021 could be one to watch when it rolls out in February. The general consensus is Overwatch 2 will get its official release date during next year's event. It's important to remember OWL runs into the fall season, meaning it's highly unlikely Blizzard would make players learn a whole new game mid-season. This either means Overwatch 2 will have to come out before OWL Season 4, wait until it's wrapped, or (heaven's forbid) the sequel isn't even coming in 2021.

It's all hearsay for now, and let's not forget the OG game released in May 2016 - which would be in the middle of a classic OWL season if we followed the usual schedule. Much like everything since Overwatch 2 was announced, we're mostly in the dark. However, considering the Game Awards is landing with a bang on December 10, the event could be one to watch for a few major announcements before the year's end. 



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