Outriders players are abandoning the game, as People Can Fly's proposed inventory wipe fix has actually made the co-op shooter even worse.

13:52, 16 Apr 2021

While most of us continue to enjoy People Can Fly's Outriders, the Destiny-inspired shooter has inadvertently broken itself by trying to fix a common complaint. Since its launch on April 1, Outriders has become the one to watch thanks to its expansive lore, stunning graphics, and cooperative edge. Still, it's a far from perfect debut, that's been plagued by an inventory wipe glitch. Devs promised to fix things, but instead, they've made them a whole lot worse. 

if you're new to Outriders, players jump into a dystopian future where the human race has been driven off Earth due to climate change - how apt. The action kicks off with your own custom character that fits into one of four classes (Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator, and Technomancer). Teaming up with two others, you set out into the vast wilderness of the planet Enoch and have to battle everything from militant rebels to mutants. Even though it's all pretty standard stuff, Outriders has become a big hit in just two weeks. 


What is the Outriders inventory wipe fix?

With People Can Fly hoping to put issues with buggy servers behind it, there's now another fire to put out thanks to the inventory wipe fix not quite fixing like it's supposed to. The dev team recently promised to figure out a way to restore players' lost items, but in the meantime, the latest patch was supposed to stop the inventory wipe glitch in its tracks. In a bizarre turn of events, players that didn't have the glitch in the first place are now being ravaged by it after installing the update.

Posting online, angry players called out the team for making their otherwise happy experience a living nightmare. We all know a well-stocked inventory is key to getting out of a tight spot, but facing off against one of the "Altered" mutants to find all your carefully collected gear is gone, isn't the one. When news of the inventory wipe now affecting people that it didn't started doing the rounds, People Can Fly quickly asked them to file a report. Although the developer referred to these as "edge cases", we'll have to wait and see if the problem goes deeper.


Writing, "If you do encounter a wipe that occurs after installing the patch and your inventory is not restored following a game restart, please immediately report this as a reply here", there was also a lengthy list of questions that includes what platform you're playing on, which character/class has been affected, what timezone you're in, and whether cross-play was enabled. It's clear that devs don't know why the inventory wipe glitch is running rife, so are keen to rule out all possibilities. 


When will the Outriders inventory wipe fix be fixed?

Unfortunately, there's no timescale on when the inventory wipe glitch will be fully patched out, or if it even can. We've all seen the dreaded stim glitch rear its head time and time again in Call of Duty: Warzone, with most accepting defeat and that the beloved battle royale favourite will probably remain broken. Much like Warzone, the memes are flooding in, as Outriders becomes the latest laughing stock of the gaming community. It's no laughing matter though, and with some vowing not to launch the title until they know their game won't be infected by the inventory wipe glitch, it's a serious problem for Outriders


At such a crucial period for a new game, it's bad news that players could be potentially scared away. The looter genre is already packed with rival titles, and as Hyper Scape has shown, it's a long way down from the top and even harder to get back up there. The only plus side of the inventory wipe glitch is the fact that People Can Fly has promised to rectify it with compensation. That's not much solace for those characters that lie dead on the surface of Enoch after being robbed of their loot by the game's gremlins. 



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