Find out how to craft and when can you start crafting in Outriders.

17:00, 06 Apr 2021

Outriders is the latest offering by People Can Fly/Square Enix, and combines a co-op RPG with a third-person shooter for an explosive experience. Released on April 1, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia; it is receiving mixed reviews. 

New players may land in the futuristic landscape a bit confused, and after choosing their class and beginning their adventure, look to upgrade their kit for better results. But how do you craft in Outriders? And when can you begin to craft in Outriders? Read on.

How To Unlock Crafting in Outriders

Unfortunately, crafting is not a skill available to the player from the beginning of Outriders. After completing a certain mission via the main campaign (freeing Dr Zahedi from the First City), he will then be available at every stop along your route (joining the Caravan), along with the crafter itself, too. There will also be a crafter in Rift Town in the garage.

Craftable items include weapons and armour, improving the power of your weapons and durability of your armour with mods.

Outriders How To Craft

How To Craft In Outriders

Crafting helps players progress through the game, once they have access to the system. Outriders cleverly allows you time to familiarise yourself with the game and its core mechanics before allowing you to essentially waste your materials on crafting worthless gear. 


The first thing to note is you cannot create armour and weapons with materials or resources - they must be found in the world, then modified. Hence, looting is important, so open as many chests as possible in your travels to ensure you have the best base to create your ideal weapon/armour from.

In the Outriders crafting screen itself, and via Dr Zahedi, here are your options.

Improve Rarity


What It Does - What it says on the tin! The highest rarity you can raft is Epic (not Legendary).

What It Costs - Titanium is needed to increase rarity to Epic tier, and leather and ingots for armour and weapons. 


Raise Attributes

What It Does - Increases already present attributes of an item, for example, Crit Damage.

What It Costs - Attributional shards (procured from deconstructing items).

Mod Gear

What It Does - Note that only Rare and above tier gear can be modified, as it will include a mode slot. Includes everything from a 25% bonus to close range weapon damage (armour), to increasing the chance of a critical shot by 15% (weapon).


What It Costs - Leather or ingots (for armour or weapons).


Level Up

What It Does - Increases power.

What It Costs - Titanium.

Outriders Crafting
Outriders Crafting Screen

So now you know how to craft in Outriders, go rescue Dr Zahedi, and start levelling up your gear!



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