GGRecon talked to Luke about what role Rocket League plays in his life.

17:30, 13 Sep 2020

Luccas 'Luke' Oyarce is almost 17 years old and already finds himself on all the big stages in Rocket League. His rookie team, Omelette, made the most out of the opportunities RLCS Season X has to offer to up-and-coming players. GGRecon talked to Luke about grinding Rocket League, his daily routine, and his goals for 2020.

How do you find the motivation to keep grinding?

Ever since I first bought the game, the motivation has changed completely. At first, it was the grind to grand champion, or top 100, and just playing the game to have fun. Nowadays, it has shifted to become more about reaching career goals, and practising to improve and win tournaments.

I still definitely have fun, or else I would not be playing this game anymore.

- Luccas 'Luke' Oyarce

What is the best way for you to improve?

The best way to improve is through freeplay and scrims. Ever since Omelette has started getting more opportunities at RLCS scrims, I can see the improvement. These opportunities to play higher level teams allow us to be able to play at the highest level and learn from the best, even if it's indirectly, such as challenging differently or rotating differently to adjust to a faster level of play. Sitting in freeplay for hours upon hours and listening to music is also extremely useful for learning new skills and improving.

How does Rocket League influence your daily routine? Does it affect your sleep schedule?

In all honesty, Rocket League dictates a large part of how my week progresses. Scrims and tournaments usually determine when I have dinner or do homework. My sleep schedule isn’t too heavily altered by Rocket League itself, but rather from gaming in general. I’ll usually be on until late playing with friends, whether it be Rocket League or another game. I used to go to bed at 5am, or 6am throughout the summer and would feel huge dips in performance and overall mood, compared to a more normalised schedule. I highly recommend that everyone sleeps before midnight and wakes up before 9am.

Do you think Rocket League pros should stream on the side?

Yes. I think building a brand and creating a long-lasting career rather than a short-lived pro career is much smarter in the long haul. Whether pros want to face the truth or not, Rocket League won’t last forever. The mechanics you learn in this game can’t be easily transferred to other games, but some of your fans will still follow you to other games, regardless of what you play. Creating an audience on YouTube or Twitch and growing that audience to a size that is sustainable for the future is essential. As a pro, you get a step ahead of the others because you have broadcast exposure, so if done correctly, building a large brand as a pro can only benefit you.

Despite it being your job, can you still see Rocket League as a hobby?

I still think of Rocket League as a side gig or a hobby. I still intend to graduate and get my degree and continue with my life past Rocket League. I do not think that I would put nearly as much time into Rocket League if it were still ‘just a hobby’, though.

What do you do to relax after a long day of matches?

After long tournament days, I usually game with the boys. Sometimes you just need a breather, so playing Among Us, or Golf With Your Friends, or Fall Guys just to relax can be your best option. Some days can also be extremely tough. Sometimes it’s best to finish the games for the day and just head to bed.

What do you do with the money you make from playing Rocket league?

Currently, a lot of the money I have made so far is going back into my setup, as I am trying to get a good Twitch or YouTube setup so I can start creating content on the side. Once that is all finished, it will probably be the start of a retirement fund or some stock market trading. I have a good amount of knowledge on the stock market and have researched quite a bit on potential stock options I could get into, but I am just waiting for the right time to invest.

How are your 2020 goals going so far?

Despite 2020 being such a horrific year for everything not related to gaming, my goals for the year are almost done. I made RLRS and retained my spot early in the year, which allowed me to be promoted to Rank S in 6mans. I then also hit 2500 Twitch followers after doing pretty well during the off-season tournaments, and I am pretty close to 120 stream days. Ranked in Rocket League is at an all-time low, so I doubt I'll be doing any ranked sweat sessions any time soon. Finally, I have to get partnered on Twitch, which will probably be the hardest one yet, as I don't even get half the viewership needed and I barely have time to stream now that school has started. I won't give up, though.

What are some goals you'd like to achieve by the end of 2020?

My goals for the rest of 2020 are simple, but not easy. I want to be on track to get to Worlds in May. I started my true competitive career in February of 2020, so my goal is that one year later I can be on track to get to the World Championship of next year, and also be a top contender with a chance to win the whole event. I know it's a huge milestone, but I want to put all my energy to do well and prove everyone wrong at Worlds. Winning Worlds, lifting that trophy… that is the dream.


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