Equinox will compete in the Renegades Invitational as well as First Strike.

17:01, 15 Oct 2020

Oklahoma-based organisation Equinox Esports launches, recruiting its first roster in VALORANT team China Nguyen. The organisation is aiming to take the server starting with the NerdStreet Gamer x Renegades Invitational starting on October 17.

The VALORANT team around captain David "DXN" Nguyen had been recruited based on their strong results in various tournaments in the VALORANT scene, beating out teams like Luminosity and Renegades. He is joined by the players Danny "cute fat boy" Nguyen, Carlo "Dcop" Delsol, Jake "Paincakes" Hass, and Kevin "mina" Nguyen. Kelly "Risaka" Chin will be managing the roster. 

Director of competition at Equinox Connor Knudsen shared their motivation behind recruiting the roster. He said: "Our goal was finding a team that could capitalize on pre-existing synergy and had a good, healthy team culture, and China Nguyen displayed that."

According to a press release, the esports organisation aims to "produce unique in-house content in the form of podcasts, broadcasts, tournaments, video content and articles out of its newly-build 6,000 square foot facility in north Oklahoma City." Furthermore, Equinox is looking to recruit additional competitors in at least the League of Legends and Super Smash Brothers scene.

“Community and competition are key to our success. There is already so much in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone," said the General Manager of Equinox, Chris Aguilar.

Long-term, the team is looking to compete in Riot Games' First Strike tournament in which the best teams around the planet will be competing throughout various regions. 


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Image via Equinox Esports

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