Another beautiful Nuketown map comes with one of it's most brilliant Easter eggs.

12:27, 25 Nov 2020

Treyarch is back, and what a way to stamp their authority on Black Ops Cold War. Nuketown '84 landed on November 24, and has been perceived as the best remake of the original map. 

With the 1980's typical hippie vibes flowing right through the rustic designs, Nuketown '84 feels just like its original and suits the game style perfectly. Allowing for any style of gunfights and weaponry, the latest remaster has already won the hearts of Call of Duty fans.

The developers have already dropped a variety of Easter Eggs into the game, especially in Zombies, and have now opted to continue the theme on Nuketown. Black Ops 4 saw the mannequins around the map turn into zombies dressed head to toe in the Russian winter gear, and now Treyarch has upped the groove in the Black Ops Cold War rendition of the map.

After completing the Easter Egg, Nuketown '84 will be sent into an 80's music video, with the colour scheme changing dramatically and becoming quite wavy. You can see the Easter Egg in action below.

How To Unlock The Easter Egg In Black Ops Cold War Nuketown '84

Akin to other Treyarch Easter Eggs, Nuketown '84 is transcended into Funkytown by shooting the heads off each of the mannequins on the map in under two minutes. 


With the mannequins spawning in a semi-random pattern, you will have to dart around the map and locate roughly 20 heads in under two minutes. Upon the decapitation of the last mannequin, your screen will begin to fuzz and the groovy neon outlines will mask over a peaceful pink sunset and will stay this way for the remainder of the game.

Whilst this can be achieved in multiplayer, it is best to do this in a custom game, as the likelihood of completing the Easter Egg whilst avoiding gunfire from six enemies is a tough ask.



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Image via Activision 

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