The Danish Esports branch of F.C. Copenhagen has announced that they will be closing, effective immediately.

12:18, 05 Feb 2021

North Esports, the Danish organisation under the arms of F.C. Copenhagen, has officially announced that they will be ceasing operations, effective immediately.

Best known for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team alongside ventures into both Apex Legends and FIFA, North has now released all of their players and closed their doors, ending their four-year streak in esports.

In a statement released by the organisation, F.C. Copenhagen revealed that the impact that the coronavirus pandemic had on them was too severe to recover from and failed to find any substantial co-investors to stay afloat. 

Chairman of North and Director of Parken Sport & Entertainment, Lars Bo Jeppesen, said: "We are of course sorry that we now have to close the Danish-based esports company North, which has left a nice mark on international esports".

"We have searched the market to get one or more co-investors on board the project, but have unfortunately not found the right match. It will require significant continued investment to create a sustainable business in the future, and therefore we believe that the sole responsibility for our overall business is to focus all our focus on our core business in FC Copenhagen, Parken and Lalandia, just as Nordisk Film will focus on its large core and growth businesses".

PS&E og Nordisk Film afvikler North | F.C. København
PS&E og Nordisk Film afvikler North | F.C. København

Concluding their statement, Jeppesen, CEO of Nordisk Film, Allan Mathson Hansen, and Bo Rygaard, Chairman of Parken Sport & Entertainment, all gave a heartfelt thank you to their fans of four years. 


"As owners of North, Nordisk Film and Parken Sport & Entertainment have both been happy with the collaboration and will in future see each other as potential partners in new projects where the match is the right thing to do. We would like to thank all the people and partners who have made a great effort around North over the past four years".

Their most prestigious achievement in their short history came at DreamHack Masters Stockholm in 2018 where they unseated the infamous Astralis CS:GO side to take home their first-ever S-Tier championship. The Counter-Strike side also racked up other DreamHack titles including Montreal 2017, Open Tours (France) 2018, Valencia 2018, and Sevilla 2019.


Their branch out to Apex Legends had proved a worthy choice in 2020 too, with a victory at the GLL Masters Summer, two ALGS Seasonal Circuit titles, and a runner-up medal at the Summer Circuit Playoffs all contributing to a wealth of prize money. 

Even with success in both titles, North has now been forced to close their doors. 



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