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18:00, 15 Jan 2021

Nocturns Gaming has spent the past five years investing in a team to compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Despite COVID-19, Nocturns has continued to provide opportunities to players in Argentina. While the scene there is extremely small, that doesn’t mean teams aren’t taking advantage of their events. Tournaments hosted in Argentina offer small sums of money and mostly represent C-Tier teams.


Nocturns have a long and interesting history behind their half a decade of experience. The rookies plan on continuing their strive to succeed by purchasing a roster worthy of dominating in their region. After Furious Gaming swooped and picked up the remaining players of Nocturns, fans had their doubts about the org's future. With a brand new lineup, Nocturns is beginning to look like an underdog team that’s ready to compete. 

In 2015, Nocturns signed their first roster, which only lasted for a month. Players came in and out of Nocturns like an open house, which was upsetting for the org. Because of this, Nocturns failed to earn a single achievement up until August of 2016. With the help of their head coach Germán "Hellpa" Morath, the underwhelming team slowly began to pick things up.

After losing to 2Kill Gaming in the Gigabyte Top League, Nocturns earned their first top-three placement.  Following their entry to 2017, Matias "tutehen" Canale and Tomás "tomi" Guardia left for bigger opportunities. This meant Nocturns was on a hunt for new players and permanent faces. 


One of the best players in Argentina by the name of Nicolás "NikoM" Miozzi was a part of three different roster changes for 2017. Nicknamed NikoMonster, NikoM was one of the more promising players in the free-agent lineup at the time. He always put in lots of effort as a lurker, and it often showed throughout his competitive career. All of these predictions ended up proving as false based on Nocturns earning a hundred dollars in one year. With numbers like that, most investors would usually back away from the esports scene - but Nocturns offered a chance for people to invest in a brand new market with an early start.  


A software company by the name of Seagate gave Nocturns a chance to redeem themselves. The small but passionate org was underlined by a handful of sponsors and zealous players. All of this seemed promising up until players backed away from their 2018 season. This meant Nocturns was left in the dust having to wait for a roster in 2019. A year later, they tended to pick up players who were deprived of competing due to a lack of teams.

As usual, Nocturns gave these players a second chance, but it wasn’t very profitable, to say the least. Three qualifiers later, the team led by Braian “BerSeCkaZo” Franco quickly declined in victories. In 2020, everything turned around for Nocturns after they signed a brand new set of players. Somehow they managed to bounce back from years of losing and became a threat in Argentina. 



While profits began to increase, so did the amount of fans that gathered on Twitch to watch the wolf pack compete. Nocturns earned a second-place finish in the LVP Unity League after losing to Sinisters in the grand finals. Their final map was extremely close and resulted in a 14-16 loss showing that Nocturns put up a good fight. 


Owen "Owen$inhoM" Veron led his team to their best placement of the year which attracted new investors. Their final match of the year was another event hosted by LVP along with ten different teams. After a month of competing in daily matchups, Nocturns finished in third-place behind previous opponents Wygers Argentina. 

With nearly five years in the industry, Nocturns has signed a brand new roster to compete this year. Team captain Martin "Limi7" Miozzo will lead his team in the upcoming WESG event for nearly three thousand dollars. As an IGL, Limi7 will be responsible for providing his team with the best possible plays throughout each round.


He’s played for larger teams in the past including Furious Gaming and Lemondogs which supports his transition to Nocturns. Maximiliano "sheep" Miozzo is an experienced lurker and has played for fifteen different teams within the past eight years. The thirty-two-year-old has been competing in Counter-Strike since 2005 and hasn’t taken a break from the title. Maybe his years of experience will help Nocturns with future connections for new investors. 


The last memorable addition to the team is Geremías "killermachine" Di Marco. Killermachine has coached some of the biggest teams in Argentina and played for six years prior to scouting players. Not only does Killermachine have tons of experience, but he’s also dedicated his life to Counter-Strike. Nocturns have signed a mixture of amateur and veteran players along with a knowledgeable coach. Their current roster is a gamble, but that hasn’t stopped them in the past when it came to building lineups. 


Images via Nocturns Gaming

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