Nintendo Switch Pro And Price 'Leaked' By French Retailer

Nintendo Switch Pro And Price 'Leaked' By French Retailer

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Tom Chapman


3rd Jun 2021 13:19

After months of rumours and speculation, it looks like we're closer than ever to the release of the Nintendo Switch Pro. Much like locating the legendary Lord of the Mountain in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, tracking down concrete evidence that the Switch Pro even exists has been something of an epic quest. While Nintendo has teased it'll only be announcing games at this year's E3, others are adamant we'll see the next-gen console make its debut.

If you can't wait until June 15 for the Nintendo Direct, a French retailer has seemingly leaked the Nintendo Switch Pro ahead of schedule. Although there's still no release date, the listing gives the beefed-up console a potential price and some pretty impressive specs. Oh well, it looks like that's another Nintendo Switch we're going to have to add to our collection alongside Animal CrossingMario, and Pokemon-themed systems.


What is the leaked Nintendo Switch Pro price? 

There's been a flurry of activity surrounding this cryptic console, but our latest update comes courtesy of a French retailer called Boulanger. The listing was picked up by Nintend'Alerts, which quickly shared the stocking and the price tag. On the site, the Switch Pro could sell for €399, which would be £340/$486. We can't see the US version selling for that price, so imagine it would be closer to the $400 mark over there.

We hate to throw water on the fire, but all of the above should be taken with a massive pinch of salt. Nintendo has repeatedly downplayed the idea of a new console, but remembering how Sony tends to roll out a "slim" version of the PlayStation a few years after its bigger brother, it's an idea that could catch on. Although Nintendo has shied away from giving its home consoles a redesign further down the line, handheld systems like the DS Lite and 3DS XL have sold well. Considering the Switch is the best of home and portable gaming, it makes sense it gets a new version four years into its life cycle. 


Is the leaked Nintendo Switch Pro real?

At the time of writing, Nintendo hasn't confirmed or denied whether the leaked Nintendo Switch Pro is real. If it isn't, we're suitably impressed by this mockup that has everyone fooled. Perhaps one of the few things going against it is the name. Nintendo Switch Pro was simply conjured up by fandom as a placeholder name for the pipe dream console, so it would be a massive coincidence if that's what the final product is called. Then again, maybe someone in the Nintendo marketing department simply liked the name?

Backing up the idea that this is the real deal, French publication Centro wrote, "We have received and verified a screenshot from a big retailer's internal system that shows a new Switch hardware-related listing will go live on June 4 (around midnight)". If this is the case, it really sounds like the Nintendo Switch Pro will jump the gun on E3.

Finally, Amazon is reportedly getting ready to host a Switch Pro, meaning an announcement could be just moments away. When/if a Nintendo Switch Pro is announced, it will be one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming history. Still, it's always nice to know what to expect. Alongside a hopeful reveal at this year's E3, gamers are holding out for more news on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and whether it will launch alongside the Switch Pro as a potential exclusive. Watch this space!


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