Ninja's first ever YouTube stream is sparking signing rumours.

17:58, 08 Jul 2020

After Mixer's demise, Fortnite superstar streamer Ninja appeared to have no new platform to call home - until now.

After posting a "test stream" on his YouTube channel last night, leading many to believe he was officially moving, Ninja is once again going live on YouTube.

In his first-ever Youtube Fortnite stream, he was joined by timthetatman, Courage and DrLupo.

Ninja has so far made no announcements regarding whether or not he was moving to the video and streaming platform. 

However, esports insider Slasher indicates his sources tell him no one has snapped up Ninja just yet.

Whether or not YouTube ends up signing an exclusive deal with Ninja or not, his live-stream is definitely sparking rumours in the Fortnite community.


Images via @Ninja

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