Ninja had Built By Gamers temporarily disqualified from a VALORANT Esports Event.

11:32, 21 Dec 2020

As the esports scene prepares for 2021, with most titles' seasons now fully concluded, some festive fun has been arranged by teams and organisations to allow players to stay on their frosty toes. Over in VALORANT, the Pittsburgh Knights offered the change for players to defrost their keyboards and compete in the Knights Before Christmas $10K Invitational.

However, in the midst of the jolly jubilations, the headlines were grabbed by Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and the team Built By Gamers, as the two have locked horns amid cheating allegations. 

BBG came out as 2-0 victors against Ninja's team - Time In. Accusations quickly surfaced against Tristan "Critical" Trinacty, who was reportedly locking on to players even when they were through a number of walls. With one clip being cast as evidence against Critical, his side was subsequently disqualified from the event, with Time In advancing. Said allegations have now been overruled, and BBG have been reinstated to face Gen.G in the Quarterfinals. 

The decision to have BBG disqualified has sparked a backlash in the direction of both Pittsburgh Knights and Ninja himself. Ninja launched his defence on Twitter by stating this is now the fourth time that Clinical has been suspected of cheating. 

Members of the community responded to Ninja, with one arguing that the "First 3 times he was cleared by riot, who has a lot more information than we do. So the previously 3 accusations shouldn’t factor into this decision whatsoever.


"You cannot DQ people from tournaments based on this type of evidence that has been put forward."

With the decision reversed, Gen.G ultimately made the debate somewhat redundant, cruising through to the semi-finals and then reverse sweeping Dignitas to earn the gold medal. 



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Image via Riot Games | Ninja | Built By Gamers

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