During a Boxing Day VALORANT stream, Ninja called out fellow player P0l0 for 'being awful at the game'.

13:37, 30 Dec 2020

Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins may be a big shot streamer now, but it's easy to forget that he started off in his career playing competitively, so when he announced he wanted to return to the world of competitive again by playing VALORANT, it didn't come as too much of a shock to his long-term supporters.

Over the past few weeks, Ninja has caught headlines for his fiery, no-nonsense attitude while playing the Riot Games' shooter.

However, his latest in-game outburst saw him lose his cool with fellow Radiant team member P0L0 during a Boxing Day stream - despite the fact the pair shared the same K/D ratio during the game. 

Ninja told P0L0 to 'stop trying to speak to him' during the game, but when P0L0 called him out for his tone towards a 17-year-old, Ninja angrily hit back, telling the guy to “Shut the f*** up,”. 

“I don’t give a f*** who you are,” P0L0 hit back, “You’re not going to tell me to shut up.” 


Clearly very frustrated, Ninja launched into an expletive tirade, saying: “How about I tell you to stop playing the game because you’re f***ing awful at it? How are you Radiant bro? You’re literally bottom fragging on Reyna. Oh, you don’t care about ranked and you don’t care about competing? So what do you care about? You’re getting f***ing dominated, you’re awful.”

Despite this, the two managed to bring it back around and play as nicely as they could with one another, but it didn't stop Ninja sticking by his guns for kicking off when talking in the chat with fans later on. After all, if you've been watching him long enough, you'll know that when it comes to competitive playing, Ninja is focused and knows exactly how he wants the game to go.

With the passion he has for the game, woe betides anyone who comes between him and his ability to get the W.



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Images via Riot Games / Ninja Twitch

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