Ninja Hacked on Twitter - Hacker Targets Tfue and KEEMSTAR

Ninja Hacked on Twitter - Hacker Targets Tfue and KEEMSTAR

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Coleman Hamstead


22nd Feb 2020 21:53

The latest victim in a string of Twitter hackings is Fortnite superstar, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Earlier this afternoon, Ninja’s Twitter account began tweeting out some rather suspicious messages. The majority of the tweets related to promoting the hackers Twitter accounts and hurling insults at the popular streamer, Tfue, and DramaAlert host, KEEMSTAR. The spree of tweets did not last long. Twitter was quick to react and put an end to the hacking within mere minutes.

The hacker started by shouting out his personal Twitter account. “Following five that follows @OwenBrah Like and RT when done.” The hacker went on to challenge Tfue to a fistfight and claim that Ninja would “clap his a**.” After that, he tweeted explicit words at KEEMSTAR, insulting his appearance.




Ninja tweets when hacked
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Tweets by the unknown hacker

The hacker’s main account was suspended as Twitter caught on to what was happening. His reign of terror ended with a tweet endorsing his secondary account. As of now, the secondary account appears to still be up and running. The promotional tweet garnered him over 1,500 new followers.

Upon regaining control of his account, Ninja posted a video and a tweet poking fun at the hacker.

Ninja said that all hackers on Twitter follow the same script; they promote their personal accounts and insult other high-profile individuals with curse words and racist remarks.

In a second tweet, Ninja jokingly remarked that he was thankful the hacker tried to 'clout farm' instead of leaking the X-rated pictures he DM’d his friends, @CourageJD, @timthetatman, and @DrLupo.

In addition, it appears the hacker attempted to extort Ninja’s wife, Jessica. Jessica claims that the hacker DM’d her, “we can work this out. imessage me.”

This is just the latest in a spree of major Twitter accounts getting hacked. In early February, the hacking group, OurMine, hacked the official Facebook Twitter account. OurMine claims that their goal is to show how vulnerable Twitter, Facebook, and sites like them are to cyber-attacks. In January, OurMine hacked over a dozen accounts of teams in the National Football League.

Twitter account hackings are nothing new. Legendary musical artist, Mariah Carey, had her account hacked just two months ago. The lack of security shown by Twitter means that this likely won’t be the last time we see a major influencer hacked.

Ninja has had problems in the past with his social media accounts being compromised. In July of 2019, we saw Ninja’s Instagram account fall into the hands of hackers. They used it to promote giveaway scams to his millions of unsuspecting fans.

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