Popular streamer Ninja claims he was killed by a VALORANT hacker on live stream.

16:41, 14 Sep 2020

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is having an eventful period of his career and has been developing his skills on VALORANT in recent times. However, progress was stagnated by an alleged hacker during his stream today (September 14).

After spending some time on InnerSloth's Among Us, Ninja booted up VALORANT for a single game before jumping off for the night. However, just a few rounds into the game, Ninja was becoming increasingly suspicious about the competition, even when they scratched their first round on the door.

The enemy Reyna and Cypher became the most apprehensive, as they began to get collateral headshots off a pre-fire shot, and got repeated headshots despite her foes not being visible.

It was within round ten in which Ninja filed his complaint after Reyna picks up a kill, followed by an outburst from Ninja declaring that he was convinced of their hacks. He stated: "That Reyna's cheating", before adding, "There's no doubt in my mind... there's no doubt in my mind she's cheating".

Further down the line in round 16, Ninja was then prefired through a wall by the enemy Cypher, before imploding his emotions. Explaining to his teammates what had happened, ninja claimed "That Cypher just f*****g swings, jiggles and hits me immediately. He headshots you through me, both of us simultaneously, with the pre-fire too by the way".

Just last week, popular streamer ShahZam was deranked at the hands of a hacker, who was later banned thanks to anti-cheat activist GamerDoc. If only Ninja could have had him handy. Of course, GamerDoc is not alone in preventing hackers, with Riot having sophisticated anti-cheat software too, although it often sees some fish swim through the net.

Ninja, who has also been linked with a professional career playing VALORANT, will be hoping not to run into many more hackers soon.


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Image via Riot Games | Ninja 

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