The streamer has feared for the direction of Call of Duty in 2021.

11:01, 31 Mar 2021

The unique position of Nick "Nickmercs" Kolscheff being at the pinnacle of Call of Duty streamers in terms of popularity, means that whenever he speaks, people listen. The 30-year-old member of FaZe Clan and pioneer behind MFAM has a whopping 5.4 million followers on Twitch and a further 3.75 million subscribers on YouTube, meaning his voice is often echoed across the CoDverse. 

Following the circulated reports that the Call of Duty 2021 tile will be named WWII: Vanguard, focusing on an alternate ending to the second World War edging into the early 1950s, Nickmercs has expressed some concerns to his avid followers.

Taking to YouTube, Nickmercs commended the intentions that Warzone will continue on the Modern Warfare engine when WWII: Vanguard is released, such as it does during current the Black Ops Cold War era.

Before heading to criticise the new game, he backed the engine by saying: "This is huge for Warzone because as you can tell from the Cold War guns and that integration, switching engines from game-to-game and putting it all in the same BR (battle royale) can leave it in kind of a mess. So that’s big news, and moving on in the right direction on that end.”

However, the tune was quickly changed. Discussing the proposed changes in eras, Nick stated: "In the history of Call of Duty, every time they go back in time I’m just not a big fan. It’s just the energy, the vibe, always like some war we’re in like World War 2, and it’s just sad times man, it’s a weird look, and I don’t really like it.”


The different eras that Call of Duty ventures into is always the most criticised aspect of the game, with a wide variety of tastes. Many people like that old rustic feeling of visiting previous wars, whilst calls for another crack at the futuristic titles have been found looming on social media.

Nick also joked at how the devs plan "to bring a Kilo from 2020, back to the 40s", although that could be said about the Black Ops Cold War era which is set in the 80s.

The decision from Sledgehammer Games has everybody talking, especially with their previous attempts at WWII being slapped with average reviews. However, their time in the dark may have been the perfect period for them to whip up something to suit everyone's taste, even Nickmercs'.



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