Niantic Just Made The Pokemon Go Change Players Have Been Begging For

Niantic Just Made The Pokemon Go Change Players Have Been Begging For
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26th Aug 2021 11:15

Pokemon Go didn’t half dig(lett) itself into a hole at the height of the pandemic. Niantic made the move to make playing the game, once reliant on movement and physical exercise, much easier from the comfort of players’ homes. Of course, this was an excellent fix that kept the game from becoming obsolete and kept fans busy during the boring lockdown months.

Of course, though, Niantic eventually had to make the decision to roll back the features they had introduced to make the game more COVID-secure - much to the dismay of long time fans and fans who had got involved during the implementation of these features. The game had changed its fundamental rules, and changing them back would be difficult, especially with a dedicated fanbase having adjusted to the new rules.

As part of their attempts to find a semblance of a new normal for the game, the company have rolled back a recent change that caused a lot of uproar.

Niantic Roll Back Controversial Change In Pokemon Go

Niantic U-Turn On PokeStop Radius Controversy
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One of the features introduced to Pokemon Go to make the game playable during the pandemic was to increase the radius at which players can interact with their local PokeStops and Gyms. After their announcement that the new 80-meter radius would be once again reduced to 40, fans kicked off. While COVID is still around, many fans felt like it wasn’t time for a rollback, and that the new radius was much fairer. So, Niantic has decided to keep it the way it is.

The announcement was made in a tweet on the official Pokemon Go account, revealing that the radius will remain at 80 meters as a result of the backlash.

When Does The PokeStop Radius Expand In Pokemon Go?

Niantic U-Turn On PokeStop Radius Controversy
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Thankfully, while a lot of new features are set to come to the gamer on September 1, the tweet reveals that the permanently extended radius is available in the game right now, so chances are you’ll be able to reach the local PokeStop from your sofa already.

It’s a good job that Niantic have worked back their proposed changes, and fans are bound to be happy with the announcement. At least now, we might not even have to stand up to collect our free PokeBalls.

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