New World Devs Stream Endgame Run To Prove They Play The Game

New World Devs Stream Endgame Run To Prove They Play The Game
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Jack Marsh


24th Dec 2021 11:27

It's not uncommon for studio developers to become masters at their own games, after all, they did create every element of the game's core. However, in the case of Amazon Game Studios' new hit MMORPG, New World, fans have accused the creators of never playing their own game, due to increasing the difficulty of certain zones to a near-impossible standard.

New World Players Challenge Amazon To Take On Their Own Game With Petition

With players seemingly annoyed at the difficult nature of one of New World's tougher zones, one member of the community challenged the developers to prove that they know the game like the back of their hands. 

User "LionHeartUK" posted in the New World forums to petition that the New World developers post a run-through after believing it was too hard. With the post being viewed 29,000 times and supported by 2,900 players, the challenge was simple: complete a live stream doing the Myrkguard chest and portal run.

New World Devs Answer Back To Critics With Myrkard Run

Much to the shock of many of the fans, the New World devs obliged and rallied their troops.

Taking to YouTube, ten of the developing team, including Game Director Scot Lan, jumped into the zone and completed a 55-minute run-through, attempting to swiftly direct themselves from the Eastern to Western gates and leaving no stone unturned.

Despite the developers also claiming that they weren't as powerful as some of the games more dedicated players, the 10-player squad tried valiantly, although their words of advice "sometimes surrender is the best option," proved to be telling. 

The New World level proved too difficult for even the developers to operate through, but fans found solace in knowing that the Amazon Game Studios team are listening - which was backed up by a 90-minute long update video addressing more concerns.


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