The agent trailer also shows off part of the new map.

18:32, 30 May 2020

Riot Games has announced their new agent, Reyna. In a Twitter video, it is revealed that Reyna is from Mexico and is vampire-themed. Her abilities take in common vampire tropes such as the ability to lifesteal, disperse and blind her opponents.

Two of her abilities seem to be fuzed and require charges from the same pool of ability points, one looking like a combat buff while the other one appears to be a self-healing ability with an overhealing functionality. We found out that her ultimate is called "Empress", as she gains full ultimate charge due to two kills, showing the availability in the top middle of the screen. Not much about the specifics of Reyna's abilities is known but GGRecon will update as soon as new information surfaces.

Moreover, the trailer revealed a part of VALORANT's 4th map that was announced to be part of the official launch on June 2nd. It seems to be a market place that very well could fit into a Venetian setting that had been part of previous trailers. 

Image via Riot Games

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