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13:07, 31 Dec 2020

It isn’t often that new tech is discovered in a game that’s been out for as long as Overwatch has and while we can’t be sure that a small player base hasn’t been using this way to hook people with Roadhog, it certainly isn’t something you see every day. Popularised by content creator cyx who credits the finding to South Korean YouTuber and Roadhog player silcr0.

What’s the new Roadhog Hook tech?

We’ve all probably been taken for a spin by an enemy Roadhog close to an edge in which he hits you with a hook and spins around immediately, slinging you off the map. While that’s a classic unlucky, the displacement part of the tech has long been known and has permeated through many skill levels of Overwatch gameplay. What hasn’t been widely known is that you can also hook players from low ground onto high ground, isolating enemies far away from allies that could help them out. Cyx demonstrated the power of it in a clip he posted on Twitter in which he pulls an unsuspecting Torbjörn onto the Numbani Point A high ground, putting at least one corner between the Swedish engineer and the rest of his team.#

How To Do The New Roadhog Tech?

The beauty of tech is that it appears reasonably straight forward and forgiving in timing to do. Position relatively close to the edge of the high ground you want to pull from to assure that you aren’t clipping the target into the ledge. Secondly, as you hit the hook, jump up and swing your mouse around, preferably with your crosshair tilted slightly upwards to help clear the edge.

Several bots in the appropriate positions on the practice range will allow you to practice the new tech that should be rather easy and consistent to pull off with just a little practice. Now go out and take the opponents for a spin.

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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