The new PUBG map, Paramo, is available on the test server prior to its launch in Season 9.

18:29, 14 Oct 2020

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is entering its ninth season since conception, and a new map is on its way. PUBG Corporation has announced Paramo will be available on the test server, alongside the array of new balances and tweaks.

The new PUBG map, Paramo, is a smaller map than usual hosting just 64 players and changes with every drop. Based upon an active volcano on the verge of eruption, players will not only have to avoid being gunned from their enemies but will have to avoid the hazards, such as the falling streams of lava. With an element of player versus environment, this map requires good awareness as well as the usual combat skills.

Players can now dive into Paramo through the test server, and try out everything the ticky mountainous map has to offer.

PUBG Paramo Map Available On Test Server

Alongside the latest map, players will also find new items such as the Critical Response Kit. This medical item will be best held by the supporting player of the team, as it will revive players who have been downed in just one second. The Critical Response Kit is perfectly paired with a two-man push, especially in built-up areas as it will allow you to trade a life and quickly get your partner back into the action. 

Paramo will also play host to helicopters which can be gunned down and will leave loot at the crash site. If you've got a keen shot with a sniper or rocket launchers, this may be crucial to your game.


With the full launch of Season 9 due on October 21, PUBG players can get a headstart on understanding the map, meaning they will have a better chance of getting that chicken dinner in a weeks time.


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Image via PUBG Corporation

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