It's time to realise your dream of becoming a Pokémon photographer!

11:15, 29 Apr 2021

New Pokémon Snap is allowing players of all ages to live their dreams of snapping Pokémon in the wild. As a Pokémon photographer, this first-person game will allow you to track down creatures of all shapes, sizes, and types, and get the perfect shot of the loveable pocket monster. Players travel using an "on-rails hovercraft" and research Pokémon by photographing them and building your Photodex.

Acting as a sequel to the N64 Pokémon Snap of 1999, New Pokémon Snap is releasing for Nintendo Switch only.

Who is making the new Pokemon Snap?

New Pokémon Snap welcomes Bandai Namco Studios as the developer, and The Pokémon Company alongside Nintendo act as publisher.

How many Pokemon will be in New Pokemon Snap?

New Pokémon Snap will feature at least 200 Pokémonacross all available generations.

Are shiny Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap

Are shiny Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap?

Shiny Pokémon have not been confirmed by Nintendo, however, an event in Pokémon GO to celebrate the release does feature shiny Pokémon, said to be featured in New Pokémon Snap.


Shiny Pokémon such as Aipom and Lotad will spawn in Pokémon GO, meaning that if this celebration is anything to go by, you'll be snapping shinies in the wild in New Pokémon Snap.

Part of the storyline in New Pokémon Snap includes investigating the "Illumina phenomenon", where Pokémon and plants appear to have a special glow. Sounds familiar...

New Pokemon Snap Price

New Pokémon Snap retails at £49.99/$59.99 in both digital and physical versions and can be pre-ordered with special extra goodies.

New Pokemon Snap Release Date

New Pokemon Snap Release Date

New Pokémon Snap releases on Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2021. Get out there and start snappin'!



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