Check out our new Apex Champion.

19:11, 07 Apr 2020

The upcoming new Legend Loba has been added to the Apex Legends files with the release of today's update. 

The Bloodhound Town Takeover patch included code which dataminer Biast12 managed to quickly decipher and produce renders of Loba's model, including a pretty sweet animation. 

Twitter leaker @Suum has also produced a fully rendered image of Loba, check it out below. 

Leaker @Shrugtal also joined the party with some beautiful model renders of 'Loba' in motion.

New Loba Legend Image
Image via @Shrugtal on Twitter

Loba will most likely be introduced as the new character at the beginning of Season 5, due to drop in May. 

Images via Respawn Entertainment

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