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17:37, 31 Mar 2021

We like where this is going! Reddit user u/Mixone-Computing has done the unthinkable and introduced a ROM loader into Valheim, allowing them to play Game Boy games such as Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Red within the Valheim engine. Other games are theoretically possible as well.

Users on Reddit were sceptical, and rightfully so. Valheim currently has no official mod support and while a lot of user-generated content has still made it into Valheim, nothing of that level of sophistication had been seen yet, suggesting a level of mod-ability of Valheim that reminds of the initial modding days of Minecraft. Since then, Minecraft has become of the most fruitful modding communities, supporting a wide range of game modes and activities within the Minecraft engine to a point that one can smell the beginnings of a metaverse using the game from admittedly quite far away. A rich modding community could go a long way for Valheim in order to bring user-generated longevity into the game. 

Sometimes night falls but you don't want to go to sleep just yet from r/valheim

Since the initial post, Mixone-Computing has managed to bring the Game Boy with Pokemon Red and Yellow along on his travels, allowing them to play the game using the sail of their boat as a display of sorts while seafaring.

How to install Pokemon Yellow to play in Valheim?

Unfortunately, but rather understandably, the modder has not made their tool public yet considering that sharing ROM files is of course a legal no-go. However, there is still hope to at least get your hands on the ROM loader for Valheim, should the modder decide to make it available. This would also mean that the game would theoretically be able to play a much wider number of games. "This is essentially emulating a Game Boy, it's not a video being reproduced, but actual Game Boy file being read and executed", said the modder in a Reddit comment. A release of the ROM loader appears to be in the works, too. Mixone-Computing said: "Adding on or two last things so that there are no issues. People will have to bring their own ROMs though."

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Image via Iron Gate Studios and Nintendo

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