Check out the details on SIX new Agents of VALORANT!

18:05, 08 Apr 2020

VALORANT Beta players are sure to be enjoying the antics of playing as Jett, Sage & Viper to name but a few, but what do we know about those Agents yet to be released? 

In recent VALORANT newsPlayerIGN has gathered some amazing intel on SIX brand-new leaked VALORANT characters.


Joule appears to be an Agent who utilises electricity, much like Wattson of Apex Legends. Their skill items can be seen below in a render. The shock grenade is self-explanatory but may stick to walls. The "seakerbot" looks to be a recon instrument, and will probably fly to try to find enemies. Unseen is a 3rd ability named 'Blink' which may turn out to be a Signature or an Ultimate.

via PlayerIGN
via PlayerIGN


Shatter appears to be a Mirage-like character (Apex Legends) with a decoy ability. Below is a tweet from PlayerIGN showing the aiming the grenade render animation.

The last four Agents were only revealed by name, but a lot can be gleaned from only this information. 


Killjoy may be an offensive yet sneaky character, "ruining the joy" of other players by perhaps having a loot-stealing or credit-stealing ability, or perhaps powers related to stopping other characters abilities in their tracks, or not being affected by them.

PlayerIGN has recently found evidence of Killjoy's "bot" in the files called Nano Storm Bot. Also found were indications that Kiljoy is actually named "Bombshell".

via PlayerIGN


Judging by this name, Crusader may wield a deadlier melee weapon, and be a Tank with more armour than others, with the ability to give extra armour to his teammates.


We hope this will be a dog-robot-hybrid character, with abilities leading to him "sniffing out" the enemies or following tracks. 


This one may end up being obvious; a life-leeching Agent who takes health and armour from opponents in their abilities or attacks. We can also see it having a decay special ability, leeching health from all opponents who get too close. 

You can check out the full YouTube video on the leaks by PlayerIGN below.

Images via Riot Games & PlayerIGN

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