Gibraltar, Wraith & Bloodhound are all getting new themed skins

16:30, 16 Mar 2020

Twitter leaker extraordinaire @Biast12 has found some interesting new skins in the Apex Legends files, for Gibraltar and Wraith.

Wraith sports a skin named “Queen of Hearts”, featuring a red cape and playing-card design chest. It also shows the Queen of Hearts' signature outlandish makeup and a red-headed hairdo, inspired by the Alice In Wonderland character.

Gibraltar’s skin is titled “Inspector Gibraltar” and features a mustard and brown plaid pattern, with a matching shield.

@The_Suum, another Apex Legends dataminer, has also posted some renders on his account, which include Bloodhound getting their own new recolour and design. Bloodhound’s outfit is also titled “Inspector”. Check out his tweet below;

Our first thought upon seeing these skins is; is Apex Legends gearing up for another special themed event? While the skins themselves don't give much away, the theme appears to be based on books (Sherlock Holmes, Alice In Wonderland) and may end up being a part of a literary or fancy dress themed event.

There's been no word yet on when (or if) these skins will make it into the game but check back at GGRecon for any and all updates.

Images via Biast12 & The_Suum on Twitter

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