Neon White Is Being Called The ‘New Hades’

Neon White Is Being Called The ‘New Hades’
Supergiant Games | Annapurna Interactive

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18th Aug 2021 11:18

Supergiant Games’ Hades hasn’t even been officially out for a year yet, but already, there are games gunning for its throne. The roguelike took the gaming world by storm last year, securing a slew of Game of the Year awards and stunning gaming fans - whether they were interested in the game’s genre or not.

Hades has already revolutionised the roguelike genre, and stands as proof that indie games can truly have some serious AAA polish. The best games aren’t always £60, and Hades stands as one of 2020’s greatest proofs.

But, as the game makes its arrival on Xbox Game Pass to reach a whole new audience, there are rumblings of a new afterlife-set demon-slayer title that could come for Hades’ title of ultimate aetherial murder simulator.

Why is Neon White Turning Heads?

Neon White Is 'The New Hades' - But Not Really
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Annapurna Interactive

Annapurna Interactive has garnered a name for themselves publishing indie titles that snap up the gaming world, if only for a moment. What Remains of Edith Finch, Outer Wilds and Ashen have all had their time in the sun, and after publishing Ben Esposito’s quirky and wholesome abyss simulator Donut County, they’re gearing up to release his next game - and it’s a hell of a change in atmosphere.

Neon White is set for release later this year, and is adding to the ever-growing list of high-concept battlers. The game seems to be doing a lot, balancing elements of first-person shooters, RPGs, and parkour platformers with a dense card-collecting simulator. It might seem like too much, but the game’s sleek visuals that naturally come with a game set in Heaven itself help to balance the experience a little.

In Neon White, you play as White, an assassin sent from Hell to purge Heaven of a demonic infestation, using your hectic parkour moves and arsenal of weapons to take care of your adversaries. It’s understandable why many have drawn comparison to Hades - after all, slashing through the underworld and blasting through the pearly gates at least have some thematic similarities - but Neon White isn’t adding ‘roguelike’ to the mad cocktail of its influences.

Neon White: In The Developer’s Words

Neon White Is 'The New Hades' - But Not Really
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Annapurna Interactive

Ben Esposito puts the game perfectly when introducing the game for its gameplay walkthrough. “In 2018, I released Donut County, a wholesome game designed for kids and adults alike. After that, I decided that my next game will not be for kids or adults. It’ll be a game for freaks.”

It’s an accurate description, as the game’s creatures, slightly gothic presentation and the overall atmosphere is so dense and layered that it might take some getting used to - but once you’re in, you’ll be in for good.

When Is Neon White Coming Out?

Neon White Is 'The New Hades' - But Not Really
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Annapurna Interactive

Neon White is set to come to Nintendo Switch and Steam in winter 2021, and even though there isn’t a specific date set yet, that’s more than enough to get excited about the game’s release.

While the game might not be locking horns with Hades, there's every chance that Neon White could be something entirely different - and maybe even better. Roll on the Winter!


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