Nadeshot has spoken out about his potential Twitch ban after he streamed with Dr Disrespect on the service.

09:51, 11 Sep 2020

Call of Duty favourite Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag has responded to his controversial stream with Dr Disrespect and clapped back at claims he could be banned from Twitch for streaming with his competitor. Haag is best-known as the CEO of 100 Thieves and his acclaimed legacy playing Call of Duty, which saw his cross paths with the banned Dr Disrespect.

While streaming Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown tournament, Nadeshot spoke with Dr Disrespect - who is banned from Twitch - and inadvertently violated Twitch's policies. Nadeshot and teammate Rated ended up being matched against Dr Disrespect and ZLaner. Nadeshot didn't mute Dr Disrespect in the pregame lobby, meaning the quartet exchanged pleasantries ahead of the match. Following the Doc's Twitch ban in June, Twitch's suspension policies mean banned users can't participate in other steamers' channels.


Viewers were quick to point out Nadeshot's potential ban, but according to the man himself, he doesn't think Twitch would give him the boot. There's no escaping Nadeshot's standing in the Twitch community. He's one of the streaming platform's biggest names and goes back to when it was recognised as 

Discussing a potential ban, Nadeshot assured his fans, "Man, Twitch really gonna ban me for talking to Doc in-game? Ah, come on, bro. What are they going to do?". As concerns grew, Nadeshot added, "They ban me, I’ve been on here since They gotta make a decision there. No respect. No respect". 

Nadeshot wasn't the only one to chinwag with Dr Disrespect. Elsewhere, Dallas Empire’s Ian "Crimsix" Porter shared some friendly banter with the banned Twitcher. 

Nadeshot has previously spoken about the Dr Disrespect ban and told Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez that he thinks Doc knows why he was banned, but can't reveal it because of the legal ramifications. Discussing the situation, Nadeshot explained, "My thing is though, I just think that there is no way that he and his team don’t know why he was banned. I think that’s a cap, it has to be, has to be. I mean there is absolutely no way.

"It has to be a legal matter that only employees of Twitch are handling. And their lawyers can talk about with Dr Disrespect legal counseling team. It’s the only thing that makes sense. You can’t just get banned after signing a multi-million dollar contract with no explanation. It has to be a legal issue". 

At the time of writing, both Nadeshot and Crimsix seem to be alive and kicking on Twitch. Although streamers have been banned for this exact violation in the past, it's unclear whether a relatively minor breach and a short chat with Dr Disrespect will see the pair also get banned.


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Images via Nadeshot Twitch | Dr Disrespect

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