NACON has revealed their new range which boasts console and cloud gaming controllers.

12:54, 13 Oct 2020

NACON has unveiled a brand new range of console and cloud gaming Xbox controllers.

Cloud gaming is a form of gaming that Xbox will be soon implementing, allowing gamers to play through their smartphones in a similar fashion to the Nintendo Switch. NACON's newest range will boast state-of-the-art cloud gaming controller designs to be released in 2021.

The two cloud gaming controllers are designed to offer a compact and functional way of playing on the move. The MG-X series controllers come in two sizes, with the standard model supporting screens up to 6.7 inches large.


The larger design will be replicable of the actual Xbox controller, with the screen centrally located. This design will favour those who are more comfortable on consoles, with the joysticks in a natural position, allowing gamers to have the feel of playing Xbox in the palm of their hands. 

The beta for Xbox cloud gaming launched as of September 15, with over 150 games available to play from your smartphones, such as Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 4, and Mortal Combat X. By becoming a subscriber to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the cloud gaming will allow you to interact with console players via your phone, meaning with a strong 4G connection, you now don't need to wait until you're home to jump into a party and roam the gaming universe.

The NACON range doesn't stop there either, as they have also revealed a swanky 'Pro Compact' controller which will be compatible on Xbox One and the next-generation consoles, targetted at the elite players. 

With the range launching in 2021, they could be perfect for those who often find themselves on the road or want to game on their travels as the worlds borders begin to open.


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Image via NACON

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