Call of Duty's infamous Nacht Der Untoten is set to return in Black Ops Cold War

16:16, 10 Sep 2020

The night of the undead. "Nacht Der Untoten" is Call of Duty's original zombies map, which has featured in nearly every Treyarch instalment within the franchise. Originally made for Call of Duty: World at War, the first-ever zombies map has been remade within Black Ops, Black Ops 2 (as an Easter Egg on the map "Tranzit"), Black Ops 3, and Call of Duty: Mobile

Now, it seems to be set to feature in the highly anticipated Black Ops Cold War.

During the worldwide reveal of Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, Treyarch teased us with a quick glimpse of a zombies map, which eagle-eyed fans have already identified as Nacht Der Untoten.

Even though the map is seemingly pitch black, players have spent endless hours on the map over the 12 years it has graced us and features, such as the stairs which the protagonist first starts on, are easily recognisable.

Dataminers such as Tom Henderson have also shared details found within the game files and through his extensive sources, of how Nacht Der Untoten will feature within the game and the storyline of the entire Zombies universe.

In a tweet, Henderson stated "Nacht reused by the Russians for their nuclear program. Zombie Nazi's escape and infect the site (there's Russian + Nazi Zombies). [There is a] New crew. Old Weapons from WW2 still remain on the site. You start with a torch until you turn the power on".

This certainly ties into why the clip stared in the pitch black, as players will have to fight through the opening two rooms in the dark until they can work their way up the stairs to where the power room resides. One thing that the community has been sceptical of is where the stairs lead to, or where the next room on the trailer is, as it appears to look down at a hoard of zombies from a balcony, unlike anywhere that is in the original Nacht Der Untoten map. This could tie into the fan theory that Tranzit will be remade, with the second room looking similar to the power room that can be found within the Power Plant.

Either way, we now know that Nacht Der Untoten is back for Black Ops Cold War, and we couldn't be more excited.


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Image via Treyarch

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