Here’s everything that happened last Saturday.

10:30, 04 Mar 2020

Another week of the North American RLCS has come and gone, with G2 Esports remaining as the only unbeaten team in the league. Here’s everything that happened last Saturday.

Ghost Gaming 3-1 Flight

This series never felt like it was going any other way, as Ghost cruised to their second win of the season. Although Flight were able to take the second game, Ghost were in control of the entire series as they moved to a 2-2 record prior to their later series against the Soniqs. Flight have had a dismal start to the season, and have four more matches to salvage a first win from as they look to avoid relegation.

NRG Esports 3-1 Rogue

This was a very similar series to the first one as NRG cruised past a struggling Rogue side despite losing a game. A crazy pool shot from Turbopolsa was the perfect example of how shaky Rogue have been this season, as NRG looked like they had taken their feet off of the gas pedal for much of the series. This was a solid performance from the world champions after their surprising loss against Spacestation and they’ll be looking to build from this win against the Pittsburgh Knights this weekend.

Ghost Gaming 2-3 Susquehanna Soniqs

What the f*** was that??????????? After quite possibly the strangest overtime I’ve ever seen, the Soniqs will be counting their lucky stars after moving onto a 3-1 record. Ghost looked like they had secured the victory after they struck the ball towards an open net, but it was saved by Atomic, keeping the Soniqs alive and eventually dooming Ghost to a return to a negative record. It was an intense back-and-forth series with a fitting ending as the Soniqs took their third win of the season, which they’ll be looking to improve on Saturday against the Knights

eUnited 3-0 Rogue

In a series highlighting Rogue’s fragility, eUnited completely trounced the former World Championship semifinalists. Rogue were only able to put one goal in the eUnited net for the entire series as they were struck down to a 1-4 record. Whilst Rogue are now mired in a relegation battle, eUnited are firmly in the middle of the table ahead of a double-header on Saturday against Flight and G2 Esports.

Pittsburgh Knights 1-3 Spacestation Gaming

Despite showing hints of promise, this was a PK performance far more reminiscent of their loss against G2 than their spectacular win over Ghost. After their impressive win against NRG last week, Spacestation have moved onto a 3-1 record after another solid display, outshooting the Knights by 21 shots to 19. With a tough Saturday night ahead of them, the Knights will need to start bringing back performances similar to the one against Ghost before they find themselves missing out on a spot at the World Championship.

Cloud9 1-3 G2 Esports

While this may have been the series of the season a year ago, Cloud9 struggled to create anything against a G2 Esports who have adapted to a changing meta far better than the Season 6 world champions. Although they were able to take the fourth game, it was once again a story of sadness for C9 fans as their team struggled their way to a 1-3 record. With their only win of the season coming against Flight, C9 are in real trouble if the promoted side are able to take a series or two in the coming weeks.

Here are the league standings after week four:


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