MW2 Developer Releases Abusive Hate Mail From 'Fans'

MW2 Developer Releases Abusive Hate Mail From 'Fans'
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Jack Marsh


3rd Oct 2022 17:11

That old-school Modern Warfare 2 lobby 'culture' is surely a thing of the past now, where rampant teenagers put their absurd urban dictionaries to the test to find the vilest insult. Yet, it wasn't just players vs players in these wars or worrisome words. It was players vs developers too.

It was all "fun and games." After all, smack-talking in the pre-game lobby was the first glimpse of iconic players to be; Seth "Scump" Abner trashing his way through lobbies against Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag put the CoD King on the map before being scouted by his assailant. 

But we've moved into the 21st century now, and while there's no room for that language and insults in the modern game, it can be fun to reminisce. That's exactly what one former Call of Duty developer has done.

MW2 Developer Reveals Hate Voicemails From Angry CoD Fans 

Robert Bowling, now right-hand man to Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm in their own development studios Midnight Gaming, was once an integral mind behind the 2009 Modern Warfare 2 title. 

Having been vocal about their differences since Activision 'stole' a Deadrop skin from Bowling, the ex-MW2 developer has now gone on to share details of his Call of Duty days and even revealed some extreme hate mail left on his voicemail.

Having found an answering machine with over 2,000 messages from Modern Warfare 2 'fans' Bowling shared some rather explicit feedback left for him.


Decade-Old Hate Mail Uncovered By MW2 Developer

While many of the messages - by phone numbers that have forgotten the old 141 hidden caller ID trick - bombarded the dev with insults, Bowling was actually quite surprised by one message with an ingenious idea. 

One fan asked the MW2 developer for a playlist where the lobby itself can vote on the use of killstreaks, launchers, and perks, almost like a private match but as a public playlist.

It goes to show that not all Modern Warfare 2 (2009) players lived and breathed insults and swear words, although the majority did.

Maybe, Bowling might put this idea to the test in Deadrop, but it's likely he won't be leaving an answering machine for feedback now, given that well over 2,000 people let their emotions run wild.

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